Bit Token Launched on Bitcoin's Anniversary

BITToken, a new cryptocurrency that has the goal of rewarding newcomers to the crypto space and community participants, has been launched on January 3, 2021, bitcoin’s anniversary. The BITToken (BITT) is considered by some to be the best new altcoin for 2021 and its primary aim is to bring people together by rewarding community participation and offer unique utility and discounts to holders. It is designed for use as the native currency for any community that adopts it and significant incentives will be offered for those who stake, spend, and hold BITT. More about this new altcoin can be gleaned by viewing the video at

A great deal of capital funneling into the cryptocurrency markets over the past few months and there are a lot of opportunities for smaller market cap tokens to perform even than bitcoin's BTC. Within the first 24 hours after the launch of BITT, the token had a more than 600 percent gain. It rewards social engagement in order to bring cryptocurrency community members closer together. And it offers various rewards for farming, staking, and spending the token. Furthermore, whenever NFT collectibles are bought with BITT, part of the supply is burned, thus making it deflationary. The token also offers discounts on BITT platforms, such as the Bitswap DEX and exchange. With the project constantly evolving with the goal of offering incentives to investors, it appears that it could be a profitable investment opportunity in the predicted cryptocurrency bull market in 2021. Investors that find projects before they have a lot of attention can have an advantage over those that invest after they do.

The Bitswap DEX aggregator aims to solve the problem with decentralized trading. DEX protocols do not provide cross-platform transparency with regards to price impact, slippage tolerance, and liquidity pools. Bitswap helps traders to make informed swaps with a straightforward interface. The goal is to enhance profitability and ease of use. This​ aggregator searches more than 14 DEX protocols at the same time to discover the best price that offers the best liquidity. This is done through an easy to understand Uniswap-style interface. It also has a “buy with fiat” option to allow users to buy and add ETH directly to their wallet. This the first BITT platform in a wide range of advanced, decentralized tools that will allow traders to stay informed and safe. Those who are interested in knowing more about the BITT can follow their Twitter page at

Users who have used swap sites will find the Bitswap user interface to be familiar. They will just need to connect their wallet, chose their tokens and then click the swap button to approve their transaction. The Bitswap DEX aggregator, meanwhile, is scanning more than 14 DEX protocols, such as Balancer, Bancor, 0x, Kyber, Mooniswap, Curve, Uniswap, and more. It will always choose whichever DEX is hosting the best liquidity and price to perform the swap. The result is that traders will get more tokens for their swaps, saving time and enhancing profitability. Users with at least 2,500 BitTokens will get a 90 percent discount on fees. They will only pay 0.01 percent in fees for each trade they make.

Ben Armstrong (Bitboy Crypto) is a YouTube influencer in the space and his community, the Bitsquad is the first community to adopt BITT as their native currency. The token can be leveraged to unlock advanced features and discounts to be enabled on the Bitswap suite of apps. It offers a unique utility within Discord chat servers and allows for new and exciting opportunities with regards to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Sandbox game. Members of the Bitsquad who support the BitBoy crypto ecosystem will be rewarded through exclusive offers, discounts, airdrops, and more. And this will continue to evolve as the project progresses.

Aside from giving out rewards, BITT will play an important role in supporting additional BITT products to be added to the platform. Members will be able to utilize the token to interact with the official BitBoy Crypto NFT marketplace, The Bitswap multi-currency wallet, and the Bitswap aggregator, not to mention access to exclusive offers and content. is the first app that is available for use now and will be followed by a collection of advanced trading tools that are powered by the DEXKIT.

The end goal for the BITToken project is to create a fun and rewarding token that will benefit people who use it and interact with it socially. There was no presale for BITT because a core value of the project is to give back to its holders, not extract capital from investors. The future looks bright for this new cryptocurrency project

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