Birrell Law Firm: What To Do When You Receive A Federal Target Letter

Minneapolis, MN-based Birrell Law Firm is taking measures to educate their community on federal target letters and what they can do in the event they receive this item. As defined by the firm, a federal target letter is a legal notice that a person may receive from federal prosecutors or assistant US attorneys.

Federal target letters contain information about the crimes that the receiver is suspected of having committed, information about obtaining court-appointed counsel, the receiver’s status as a target in a federal grand jury investigation and the receiver’s right to assert the 5th Amendment. Federal target letters are sent to those who are suspected of having committed crimes when it is believed that they will not tamper with witnesses, destroy evidence or commit similar acts. Learn more here: Birrell Law Firm - Target Letter.

Federal Target Letter

Birrell Law Firm warns their community to never ignore a federal target letter, as receiving one means that the prosecutor or attorney has collected and presented enough evidence to warrant obtaining an indictment from a grand jury. If an individual chooses to ignore a federal target letter, they will not be able to present their side of the story to the grand jury and deliver any evidence that they may have to protect themselves from the charges. This means that their indictment is pretty much guaranteed.

The firm also warns against contacting people that the recipient may believe is involved in the case, as doing so will be considered an obstruction of justice that can lead to more cases and further punishment. People who receive federal target letters must also never destroy, make up or alter evidence. This also leads to further cases and harsher punishments upon sentencing. Another detail that they add to the ‘not-to-do list’ is engaging in any kind of interview and discussing details with agents or prosecutors who are involved in their case. Learn more here: Birrell Law - Federal Target Letter.

As noted on the firm’s website, those who receive federal target letters must immediately contact experienced federal criminal defense attorneys, such as the ones at Birrell Law Firm. Their skilled and experienced federal target letter defense attorneys can guide clients through each step of the federal criminal process, negotiating with federal prosecutors, counselling their clients on how to respond to government inquiries and limiting the scope of a grand jury investigation. All these actions are taken to help their clients avoid having criminal charges actually filed against them. Birrell Law Firm advises that people should never try to explain their involvement in potentially illegal schemes to investigators without proper legal counsel — this is due to the fact that their words can be used against them in court.

Furthermore, Birrell Law Firm assures their community that they are fully committed to their clients’ interests and that they are capable of keeping the orders, verdicts and judgements that they receive on appeal. They have ample experience in handling trials and appelates, and they have a great team of attorneys. They are resourceful and tough, yet ethical in the way that they aggressively protect their clients. They fight hard for their clients and their clients’ interests.

Their approach to defending their clients has earned them great reviews, published on different online platforms. Robert Rockey says in a 5-Star Google review of Birrell Law Firm, “Andy and Ian Birrell represented me in US Federal Court and did a professional and outstanding job. Upon my first meeting with Andy, I felt a high level of trust and appreciated his straightforward approach. During my legal process, I always felt comforted to have Andy and Ian, confident that they had my best interest in mind. They are smart, skilled and the consummate professionals that I was blessed to have on my team, and I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone needing the best legal representation.”

Allen Wise also says in another 5-Star Google review, “I visited Andy from Birrell Law at their Minneapolis office after setting up a consultation. Although I was very nervous and confused, he was very patient with me and explained all of the options in my case. I couldn't be happier with the results and would refer them to anyone needing help in a bad situation.”

Those who are in need of legal representation may call the Birrell Federal Defense Attorneys to schedule an appointment. Clients may also visit the firm’s website to learn more about their full range of legal services.


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