Birmingham Pressure Washing Company Announces Full Scale Residential and Commercial Services

Spotless Pressure Washing of Birmingham, Alabama, is pleased to announce that the company is now offering full scale residential and commercial services. Pressure washing a property has many benefits that owners are not always aware of and the company wants everyone to understand how important it can be.

Pressure washing, sometimes referred to as power washing, is a method of cleaning that uses pressurized water to clean the exterior areas of both residential and commercial properties. Pressure washers use a narrow high-pressure jet of water to remove grime, dust, dirt, mold, loose paint, mud, and even chewing gum from surfaces and objects. The method is very effective when used by trained technicians.

Keeping a home or business premises clean on the inside makes obvious sense and is relatively easy to do. On the outside though, this is not always the case. Although items such as litter will be obvious and quickly dealt with, problems like mildew, mold, algae, and moss around the exterior are often ignored and not seen as a problem. Owners frequently make that mistake and such issues, apart from being unsightly, can cause damage to the property. Pressure washing will remove such unsightly and potentially damaging concerns and is highly effective at doing so. Additionally, regular maintenance with a pressure washing can help prevent potential expensive repairs.

Dirt, although perhaps not seen as such a damaging issue as mold and mildew etc., is an issue that almost every homeowner as well as many business owners will have to contend with. Outdoor painted areas such as decks or sidings will often have this type of problem. Dirt degrades the appearance of a property and may well shorten the life of the finished surface it is on. Pressure washing can remove this dirt and restore the paint underneath to its former glory. Many people are totally amazed at the difference a pressure washing can make. Before and after photographs of such treatments can be found on the company’s new Facebook pages at

John M, a Birmingham resident, chose Spotless Pressure Washing to treat the outside siding of his house as it was beginning to look dirty and weathered even though it was not very old. He said, “The house had looked dirty for quite some time but recently it began to look really quite grimy. Both of us decided it was time to do something about it and as I am getting too old to try and do that sort of cleaning myself, I needed a company to do it for me. I found Spotless Pressure Washing online and gave them a call. They came and pressure washed the siding and neither of us could believe the difference it made. It looked brand new and the result was absolutely amazing.”

David Cullen, a spokesperson for Spotless Pressure Washing, said, “We have a lot of clients that are amazed in just that way. We regularly pressure wash siding, decks, homes, fences, driveways, business parking lots, buildings, vehicles, and much more, and almost without exception people are literally shocked at the difference it makes."

The company has decades of experience behind it and now that it is offering full scale residential, commercial, and mobile detailing services it is fast gaining a reputation for excellence. As one satisfied reviewer on its website said, “I searched desperately for pressure washing near me. It was a struggle because there weren’t many pressure washing companies in Adamsville, and the ones that were available weren’t dependable. Luckily, I found Spotless Pressure Washing of Birmingham. They managed to squeeze me into their schedule and made the drive out to my place for a free estimate. I hired them on the spot!”

Those wishing to see the area covered by Spotless Pressure Washing Birmingham can go to Google Maps at In addition, visitors will notice that the company has already achieved a 5-star rating there. Details of how to contact Spotless Pressure Washing Birmingham can be found there or on the company’s website where it is also possible to request a quote.


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