Big Easy Demolition Offers Concrete Removal Services in New Orleans

Big Easy Demolition, a company in New Orleans, LA, is happy to announce that they are offering professional concrete removal services in New Orleans. They have been serving in the area with budget-friendly, reliable, and full-service concrete removal and waste disposal services. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, they can provide assistance. They can also clear construction sites, rentals, commercial zones. Big Easy Demolition offers specialized concrete removal of general construction debris from home renovations to various construction projects.

A spokesperson for Big Easy Demolition says, “When you are undecided which approach is best for your concrete structure, whether you should repair or remove it, we will help you decide which route is best for you. We recommend complete concrete removal if you see a number of things on your driveway, patio, sidewalk, or slab.”

They suggest total concrete removal when a number of things are noticed, such as multiple, wide, and deep cracks that are uneven or settled on one side; part of the concrete being pushed up (frost heave) due to the frost that occurs in colder climates, and concrete that has settled due to improper preparation of subgrade.

On the other hand, simple concrete repairs will be a more cost-effective and faster option in a number of situations, such as the presence of small, hairline, thin cracks with no evidence of settling; and sunken concrete caused by heavy equipment or load that was placed on the concrete.

Big Easy Demolition experts will assess the concrete structure properly and determine if it is necessary to bring down an old concrete structure in order to erect a new one or replace the damaged parts. Since concrete can be challenging to remove, they offer safe and precise concrete removal services that cover all types of concrete structures in various applications.

The spokesperson says, “We are more than just a concrete contractor. If you are planning to remove a concrete patio, driveway, sidewalk, or walkway, we can help. Any construction debris or concrete from home renovations or construction projects can also be an eyesore on your site. We promise you that concrete removal with our expertise is much less expensive and a great deal more convenient for you.”

They can offer various kinds of concrete removal projects. These include: concrete patio tear-out; concrete driveway removal; walkway-sidewalk tear-out; basement floor tear-out; concrete floor tear-out/removal; commercial concrete removal services; city sidewalk removal; concrete haul off service; and concrete cutting and tear out services. The method of removing concrete in New Orleans has a major influence on both the surface of the remaining concrete and the properties of the uppermost layer of the remaining concrete. They have engineers and specialists who can carefully and safely remove the concrete even with surrounding concrete structures that are still in good condition.

Depending on the extent of repair or damage on the concrete structure, they will use a concrete removal method that is suitable and safe for the concrete. Some of the concrete removal methods that they will use are the: blasting method; cutting method; impacting method; milling method; hydro-demolition; pre-splitting method; and shot-blasting.

In the blasting method, they use materials producing rapidly expanding gas confined within a series of boreholes to produce controlled fractures of the concrete. They have qualified personnel with proven experience and ability in this field. They will also make sure that proper permission is obtained from the government departments in New Orleans in advance if this is the best method for a particular concrete removal project.

They can also use a number of concrete cutting methods, such as: high-pressure water jet (without abrasives); diamond or carbide saw; diamond wire cutting; mechanical shearing;
stitch drilling; and thermal cutting.

The impacting method is performed by repeatedly striking the concrete surface with a high-energy tool or a large mass to fracture and concrete structure. The equipment that they use for this method are hand-held breakers; boom-mounted breakers; and scrabblers.

Those who are looking for a demolition company in New Orleans can check out the Big Easy Demolition website or contact them on the telephone.


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