Big Easy Demolition Holds Rank As Top Demolition Company In New Orleans

Louisiana-based Big Easy Demolition is pleased to share that they have been able to hold on to their position as New Orleans’ leading demolition contractor despite the challenges posed by the past year. The company, which takes a great deal of pride in their services, is currently fielding requests for free estimates from clients who want their properties demolished by an experienced and reliable contractor.

Led by a team of fully licensed and insured contractors, Big Easy Demolition understands that their ability to complete a job to exacting standards and tight deadlines is what enables their clients to move on to the next stage of their respective projects. Whether this involves the demolition of a single room in a residential property or a structure on a much larger scale, the company understands that few projects end with completion of a demolition. Instead, the ground or area in question is likely being cleared so that brand new construction can be implemented.

In order to maintain their standards and deliver projects on the tight schedule that their community has long come to expect, Big Easy Demolition took another look at their employee schedules and safety requirements to ensure that they would be able to keep up with time restraints with minimal hassle. This task proved to be easier said than done, the company acknowledges, but it was worth the effort since it meant they could continue fulfilling their obligations and delivering a superior service.

As with any construction or demolition project, safety is of paramount concern. The New Orleans demolition contractors at Big Easy Demolition simply took the many guidelines into account and incorporated whatever new measures they believed were needed to keep employees and clients alike safe as safe as possible from the pandemic — in addition to the established rules they already follow to prevent accidents on-site.

Big Easy Demolition offers a comprehensive suite of demolition services, including residential demolition, excavation, land clearing, interior demolition and more. They are also fully capable of tackling commercial projects of much larger scope. This effectively means that they can apply everything from simple manpower to heavy machinery/vehicle and explosives in order to accomplish their task.

A 5-Star Google review from one of their customers serves to illustrate one of the primary reasons the company is highly favored among local clients: customer service. As Big Easy Demolition explains, maintaining a high standard of customer service allows their team to understand exactly what the client wants and how best they may want a goal achieved at the start of any project. A little investment of time in the beginning makes the goal of any project completely clear to all parties involved, thereby saving much more time later on in terms of mistakes and delays. As the company proudly states on their website, “We work hard for every demolition project so you can save money in the long run.”

The review in question says, “Big Easy Demolition has been our go-to construction company for several of our construction needs in the family. We haven’t hired others because we are satisfied with how timely and professional they complete residential demolition projects no matter how simple or complicated.”

A similarly glowing review from another client gives credence to the fact that the company takes this approach with all their customers, no matter what the project in question requires. Big or small, the company says, a project is always important to the client, and that is the mindset their contractors have when they begin drawing up their initial plans. Knight, a homeowner, says, “I am so impressed with how you do precise demolitions with very minimal disturbance. We didn’t feel you were doing a demolition at all! Thank you for cleaning up very thoroughly after remodeling our bathroom and kitchen. Great job once again!”

Those looking for a reliable and punctual New Orleans demolition company are welcome to contact Big Easy Demolition today to request their free estimate. Additional information regarding their services, their personnel and the tools they employ can be found on their official website.


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