Big Bamboo Marketing Offers Tree Service Marketing, SEO, and Lead Generation Services

Big Bamboo Marketing, based in Culpeper, Virginia, has announced that they are offering tree service marketing, SEO, and lead generation services. They want to emphasize that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for the lead generation efforts of tree service contractors. An effective SEO campaign will include content marketing to showcase the expertise of the tree service company. This service is vital to tree service contractors because they are businesses that have traditionally depended on word of mouth referrals and newspaper advertising. Venturing into something new, such as taking the business online, can be quite intimidating.

Bradley Benner, owner and hands-on operator of Big Bamboo Marketing, says, “Today, with nearly limitless information available at a person's fingertips, you can count on the fact that your prospective customers are going to do a little research before making a decision whether to trust your business or not. Suddenly, you have to navigate the unfamiliar (and competitive) waters of the digital space. How can you survive? How can you continue to generate leads? How can you separate yourself from the pack? The answer is SEO.”

The SEO strategy to be employed by Big Bamboo Marketing begins with Google My Business (GMB), which is basically a social profile for the client’s business that enables it to be shown on Google Maps. This is vital to the tree service contractor because the GMB listing shows the office location, their hours of operation, and their contact information. This will also include reviews written by previous customers, pictures, and other information that customers looking for tree service providers can take a look at when considering a particular tree service contractor.

Thus, as long as the tree service company maintains excellent service, they will benefit from the positive engagement provided by their GMB listing. Studies have shown that positive customer reviews are among the major factors that cause an GMB profile to rank higher than other GMB profiles for the same type of business.

Furthermore, SEO has been found to be the top lead generation tool of 57 percent of marketers, which implies that a successful SEO strategy can offer limitless ROI for a tree service business. With a well-optimized, informative GMB profile, a tree service company will be ranking for the local searches.

The next step would be to have relevant content to ensure that the business’ SEO will be as strong as possible. Google comes up with its rankings based on an algorithm that is strongly influenced by content. This content must be relevant to the business’ target audience and the keywords being targeted.

SEO can be strengthened by adding content on a regular basis on those topics that the target audience is actively searching for. Thus, the more relevant a piece of content is, the more impact it will have on the business’ SEO and the more people will get to read it, which translates to more traffic, backlinks, time on page, and other ranking factors. Big Bamboo Marketing has the expertise in the different aspects of SEO and lead generation.

That the services provided by Big Bamboo Marketing really work is evidenced by the highly positive customer reviews the company has been receiving. For instance, Pedro Velasquez, who owns Genesis Tree Service, has given them a five-star review and said, “Big Bamboo Marketing has been the best thing for my tree service business. I've been working with Bradley since 2012 and he has generated literally thousands of tree job leads for me over the years. My company has been able to expand in to many areas across northern and central Virginia because of how quickly Big Bamboo Marketing can get us online and generating tree removal work. Any contractors looking for digital marketing services should work with Bradley and team.” This review can be found at

Those who are interested in the tree service marketing and lead generation services offered by Big Bamboo Marketing can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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