Beyond Rules Recovery Helps People with Eating Disorders or Other Addictions

Beyond Rules Recovery (formally 'Living Proof MN') is a Minnesota Non-Profit Organization that aims to make a real-world difference by helping people battle eating disorders or other addictions.

Serving over 25 states and 13 other countries, the founders and the respective other members of this non-profit project support people in need of a working system that functions with a proven methodology, strategy, and documented results.

Beyond Rules Recovery

Beyond Rules Recovery has a team of 7 behind the core consisting of:

Shira Charpentier - Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Tracy Charpentier - Chief Operating Officer, Treasurer
Tasha Golding - Social Media and Digital Arts Coordinator
Jim Hammill - Board member
Theresa Holl - Board member ​
Whitney Weyer - Board member
Kristi Hartung - MN agent

Shira Charpentier herself has gone through a transformation and recovered from 23 years of struggles being diagnosed with an eating disorder her doctors and health professionals, at the time, told her she would have for life.

"When health professionals told me I would always have an eating disorder and I hit bottom several times, I found the will and determination within myself to turn my life around. Little did I know that the life I am living today was even remotely possible; even during the best daydream, I had no idea how amazing and wonderful living in recovery would look or feel like. I believe that everyone of all ages, no matter how long or short you have been dealing with an addiction, you can find recovery," Shira says.

​Shira works as a Registered Nurse (BSN) for a home care agency and is a Director of Nursing for a rehabilitative residential program for people with persistent mental health concerns, and their adjoining drug and alcohol detox program. Shira has a Public Health Nurse license and Faith Community Nurse Certificate as well.

Shira says: "Above all else, my drive and goal is to help people find hope and healing. I love getting to know people, listening to their stories, and seeing the very best in everyone. ​My recovery story has also been published in the 2016 edition of Eating Disorders Anonymous."

Beyond Rules Recovery helps with other issues as well, and Tracy Charpentier is also a passionate and articulate writer whom has fought his own battles with PTSD and addiction and has been sober for over thirty years. Tracy knows all too well the loneliness of fighting one’s own struggles and has developed a desire for helping those affected by eating disorders through Living Proof MN. Realizing the need for more resources, a better understanding, and greater awareness surrounding this deadly disorder is what makes being a part of Living Proof MN fulfilling and important to him.

In Tracy's words: "He hopes that parents, families, and friends of those struggling, will feel less alone and lost through his work at Beyond Rules Recovery."

Tasha Golding majored in sociology. She has worked at the Make A Wish Foundation as their program services intern, assisting with coordinating of events, donations, and volunteering. Tasha found Living Proof MN, when she realized that she wanted recovery more than her eating disorder. After nine treatment occurrences, in multiple states, she was looking for something new; and Beyond Rules Recovery, gave her the space and support to choose recovery for herself, for the first time. While working on her own recovery, Tasha has found a passion for digital arts and social media.

In Tasha's words: "She is excited about sharing her story and journey in hopes that others will find recovery as she did; being open to new ways of healing."

Complex issues like mental health that leads to physical issues are something of a "taboo area" to discuss in some circles and the awareness and understanding of how broad this goes into our society and how much of a lid is kept on is something Beyond Rules Recovery is here to shed light on. But more importantly, they are here to help people that might find asking for help with health professionals on a generic level, with specialized generic health knowledge as being tossed into a system that might or might not work.

Sufferers of mental health issues can find themselves between a rock and hard place when practices aimed to work, has limitations. Beyond Rules Recovery has gone deep and specialized with their knowledge. And they have the proof to back up their findings in their practice respectively and offer a support channel with their non-profit so people can come to them for knowledge, help, and further understanding in an effort to look beyond the normal for a more open objective viewpoint. All they do is to help without a hidden agenda and they invite people to get to know them and learn how they might use their material for self-help, with their support if they need it.

Interested parties looking to support their mission or interested in learning more can reach out to them and visit their website here: Beyond Rules Recovery for help with eating disorders or other addictions


For more information about Beyond Rules Recovery, contact the company here:

Beyond Rules Recovery
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