Bexley Dental Encourages Patients To Find Out What Affects The Cost Of The All On 4 Implant Procedure

New South Wales dental clinic Bexley Dental is encouraging its patients to find out more about the many factors that affect the cost of the All-On-4 dental implants procedure all over the country.

The All-On-4 dental procedure is billed as the most comfortable, natural-feeling solution for damaged or missing teeth. It is an advanced technique where an arch of teeth is supported by only 4 implants. The implants are made from titanium metal and these act as a foundation for the easy placement of a set of fixed teeth. Dr. Theo Spyrakis, the principal dentist at Bexley Dental, has been practicing dentistry since 1990 and is the resident All-On-4 expert. He studied the procedure under Professor Paolo Malo, of the world-renowned Malo Clinic in Portugal, the founder of the revolutionary dental implant technique.

All on 4 dental implant

Dr. Spyrakis talks about the need for understanding the variation in the cost of the procedure by saying, “Right now, there is a wide disparity in the amount of money that dental clinics across Australia charge for the All-On-4 procedure. This is due to several reasons, each of which must be considered if you are determined in getting the procedure done for yourself. The first factor is the knowledge that the dentist has specific to dental implants. Second, the kind of materials that go into the dental implants can have a huge effect on how much it costs you. Third, the number of dental implant procedures that your dentist has performed, their overall experience with this field of dentistry, and their comfort level will determine how much the sticker price for the All-On-4 procedure is. You must carefully weigh your options and pick the dental services provider who fits your budget and whose track record justifies what they are charging for the procedure. If you are ever in doubt about which clinic provides the best dental implants Sydney has to offer, look no further than New South Wales’s own Bexley Dental. We have a stellar history of providing exceptional dental services to the Bexley community for over 3 decades and my expertise in the All-On-4 procedure makes our dental clinic the safest best for you in all of New South Wales.”

Firstly, the cost of the All-On-4 procedure depends on the training and education that the dentist has undergone to prepare them for administering it. Though all dentists are trained in general dentistry procedures, training for installing dental implants requires taking a short course that runs for several days or taking an intensive post-graduate course that includes courses of clinical, theoretical, practical education, and a wide range of first-hand case experience. Depending on the expertise that the dentist brings to the operating table, the patient might have to shell out a different amount for their services.

Next, the actual materials used in the procedure lead to variable costs across providers. Lower-end quotes for implant procedures result in cheaper materials being used throughout the procedure. Patients should always ask for brand-name implants from reputable manufacturers such as Biomet i3, Nobel Biocare, and Astratech. They operate worldwide and comply with Australian safety and quality regulations. Lower quality implants may fail or become loose and will have to be surgically removed, requiring a replacement implant, ultimately doubling the cost of the initial procedure.

Finally, the patient will have to factor in the experience of the dentist providing the procedure to evaluate its cost. An implant expert that focuses specifically on that niche of dentistry is going to be more expensive than a general dentist that provides the occasional implant procedure for his or her patients. Patients can get the right information about their dentist’s experience with implants by asking them for details such as the number of implants they install every year, the number of years they’ve been practicing implant dentistry, and the number of patients they perform All-on-4 or other implant procedures on every month.

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