Bexley Dental Discusses Who Their Amazing All On 4 Implants are Suitable For

Bexley Dental is a clinic that is well known for an implant procedure called All On 4. This is by far one of the best methods for those who are missing several upper or lower teeth who want implants that are comfortable and will stay firmly in place while chewing all types of food. However, those at Bexley Dental admit that this procedure is not suitable for everyone and would like to discuss that in a little more detail.

The clinic's principal dentist, Dr. Theo Spyrakis, says, “Missing one or two teeth on your upper or lower jaw would be a simple inconvenience for most people but this dramatically changes in a negative way if someone is missing large sections of teeth on either jaw. Fortunately, a very bright individual in the dental field came up with an incredible solution for this. This solution is called the All On 4 implant procedure. It involves replacing all of the teeth on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Incredibly, instead of requiring a titanium implant for every tooth like most dental implant procedures, only 4 implants are required to secure each arch of teeth in place. It works so well that there are very few foods that a patient is recommended not to eat after the procedure has been completed.”

All on 4 implants

Dr. Spyrakis cited that there are other benefits with this type of dental implant procedure. He stated that among the main ones is that no bone grafts are necessary and the new teeth can be inserted less than 24-hours after the implants have been placed in a patient’s mouth. The All On 4 implant procedure also lessens healing and rehabilitation time because of the fact that it's not as invasive as other types of implant procedures. The principal dentist added that patient’s also like the fact the procedure does not take a lot of time, there is more flexibility to design and fit the optimum replacement teeth, and this type of implant procedure can be done effectively on a wide range of bone densities.

As was previously mentioned, Dr. Spyrakis stated that the All On 4 implant procedure is not suitable for everyone. He says that there are three main sets of criteria that they look at when determining if the All On 4 implant procedure is right for someone. The first is that someone does not have a fully operational set of teeth and this impacts their daily lives in everything from severely limiting what they can eat to how well they can smile and speak. It also is recommended for those that have experienced nothing but headaches, discomfort, and frustration from wearing dentures. The All On 4 implant procedure also works great for those who were unable to receive conventional implants because of their reduced jaw bone density resulting from gum disease or extensive tooth loss. There is even a suitability quiz on their website which will help potential patients determine if All On 4 implants are right for them. He added that all of this will be gone over when a patient has an initial assessment with Dr. Theo Spyrakis who does all of the All On 4 implant procedures at Bexley Dental. He has spent the last 15 years traveling the world to ensure he trains with the very best practitioners of the All On 4 implant procedure. This includes a stint at the Malo Clinic in Portugal training with the founder of the technique, Prof. Paulo Malo.

Those at the clinic also tout the fact that the All On 4 implant procedure is much more affordable than most people realize. Dr. Spyrakis states that this is due to the fact that only 4 implants are required to secure a full set of upper or lower set of prosthetic teeth. A recent press release on All On 4 cost covers this in more detail. He says that those who would like more information on their All On 4 implants can click on the ‘Get a Free Assessment’ link that’s found at the bottom of the All On 4 informational page on their website.


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