Better Life Partners Receives Support From the Community

Hanover, NH - Better Life Partners is a unique addiction treatment center that operates within the state of New Hampshire, and they have recently showcased just how important the third word in their name truly is. As 2020 wraps up, they have published newsletters, social media posts, and sent personal emails thanking the organizations working to make their treatment model work.

When this treatment model is implemented it means countless New Hampshirites receive the care they need in order to move past opioid addiction and into lifelong recovery. Better Life Partners offers medication-assisted treatment through their facilities, as well as providing group therapy that creates a community within a community by connecting members in treatment to their peers.

Group free from addiction

The model of meeting a person where they need help when they need help has led Better Life Partners to establish meaningful partnerships with nearly 20 different recovery partners all across the state of New Hampshire. It means that rather than someone having to drive out of town, scheduling their treatment and recovery in ways that can derail progress, they can simply meet licensed professionals from Better Life Partners in their own towns.

Along with the recovery organization partners, Better Life Partners has connections with almost 10 referral sources which has allowed them to reach many more lives in New Hampshire. This, along with 10 community health partners, increases the likelihood of those in need finding medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to aid them in their struggle with opioid addiction.

Also, Better Life Partners is dedicated to staying at the forefront of scientific research and implementation when it comes to addiction treatment and recovery methods. Because of this they also have developed deep ties to research partners like Clinical Trials Network: Northeast, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, The Dartmouth Institute, and the New Hampshire Area Health Education Center.

By partnering with local organizations, Better Life Partners provides a customized experience to people in need, meeting them in their community, at the right time, with the right plan to achieve a better life. It is a summation of their entire treatment model, covering not only how it works, but why.

Aside from connecting with local organizations, Better Life Partners also utilizes their strong focus on science as the internal mechanism guiding their entire treatment model. They have always followed the research and focused on implementing the most effective treatment possible. When science reveals new factors and influences on addiction and human biology, Better Life Partners sets to work incorporating the newest information and methods into their approach.

Another way Better Life Partners maintains a strong connection with potential members seeking treatment is to offer no-cost consultations via their website. Creating a direct and simple path to treatment plays a large role in their treatment model, as seen by their focus on presenting MAT and group therapy through community partners. By adding a no-cost consultation to their website they increased their reach and the possibilities for connecting with others.

Similarly, they write about how interpersonal connections will allow those in treatment to find support in personal ways. Their group therapy sessions work alongside MAT to create a balanced and fully integrated treatment model.

“The group [therapy session] navigates a special curriculum that utilizes evidence-based, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy to build a sense of community and purpose toward a better life,” Better Life Partners states on their website. It is this very system that showcases their interwoven and linked community connections working on a personal level.

You can read more about their guiding principles on their website, as well as see a comprehensive list of their current community partners. They even offer a form to apply as a potential community partner for organizations within New Hampshire that are looking for ways to increase their reach and effectiveness in combating addiction.


For more information about Better Life Partners, contact the company here:

Better Life Partners
44 South Main Street, Suite 2
Hanover, NH 03755