Better Health Chiropractic Releases Video on the SMART Program and Understanding Stress

Better Health Chiropractic PC, a chiropractic care based in New York City, has announced that they have recently released a new video about understanding emotional and mental stress and the SMART program developed at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School. SMART means Stress Management and Resiliency Training, which is made up of two-sessions each week and will last for more than eight weeks. This program was developed to help people get back control and develop resilience through a number of self-care interventions and mind-body principles. The result is improved quality of life and less medical symptoms.

woman dealing with stress - SMART program with Better Health Chiropractic

Dr. Alex Eingorn, DC, from Better Health Chiropractic, says, “Stress is something that we’re starting to understand better and better in the last probably 15 to 20 years. Now we can document and see how anxiety, physical, or emotional or mental stress affects our bodies. Whereas before nobody ever thought about, ‘Oh my God, is it good for you to work 10 hours a day, and then have a family’, and then you see people dropping out for strokes, heart attacks, all kinds of other stress-related disorders. Now we understand stress as a real issue. Now we know how it affects us by chemical level; on a physical level, on an emotional level, things like post traumatic stress disorder are becoming more and more in the mainstream media.”

The SMART program is designed to help people in better understanding stress. Specifically, this program will help participants: understand the relationship between stress and physical or emotional problems; learn several techniques for stimulating the relaxation response, which is the body’s natural stress buffer; understand the impact of positive thoughts and beliefs; and learn the importance of healthy eating, physical activity, and restorative sleep.

According to the developers of the SMART program, people with various conditions may benefit, including those with: anxiety-related symptoms, headaches or migraines, autoimmune disorders, mild to moderate depression, chronic pain or TMJ, insomnia or fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, skin problems, and asthma or allergies.

Studies have shown that the brain is able to influence and control what is happening in the body. Thus, thought processes are a key to how the body reacts to stress. It has been observed that many people operate on automatic pilot, responding in ways that cause the body to be in the “fight or flight” mode, almost continuously. This results into an increase in the level of cortisol that in turn strains the heart muscle, increases blood pressure, and increases adrenaline production. In addition, breathing becomes shallow, which results into lower levels of oxygen that get to the brain and the various organs.

The SMART program is based on various disciplines that may be able to decrease stress and the program helps participants learn about these tools and master them. Modules include stretching and yoga, meditation, and nutrition, and many more. For instance, meditation has been observed to change the body at the genetic level and decrease inflammation.

Dr. Alex Eingorn, DC, who offers various forms of preventative treatments in his practice, was attracted to the SMART program upon learning about it. He decided to become a trained facilitator of the program after taking part in the workshops himself. He believes that the program is vital because stress is not only a threat to people’s quality of life but it may also negatively affect people’s health, productivity, and happiness.

Dr. Eingorn is a highly trained chiropractic practitioner at Better Health Chiropractic and has spent his medical career integrating holistic techniques for healing into his practice. He is a chiropractor in New York City who is a pioneer in using an integrative approach to medicine, which is gaining recognition in the whole country. He has intensive knowledge and experience in spinal alignment, spinal decompression, and other natural and holistic treatments.

Those who are interested in managing stress and the SMART program may want to check out the Better Health Chiropractic PC website, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


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