Bettendorf Roofer Emphasizes the Importance of a Free Roof Repair Inspection in the Spring

Quality Control Restoration, a popular roofing contractor in Bettendorf Iowa, wants to remind home and business owners in their area how important it is to get a spring roof inspection scheduled. This is because the company’s experience has shown them that winter weather can wreak havoc on roofs in Iowa. Much of the damage that severe cold and snow cause cannot be seen from the ground or be easily detected by a property owner climbing up and looking at their roof themselves. That’s why Quality Control Restoration recommends that these essential spring roof inspections be undertaken by professional roofing companies such as them. This highly rated roofing contractor also wanted to point out that they do not charge a fee for their spring roof inspection services.

Larry Anderson, Co-Owner of Quality Control Restoration, says, “In a pattern that seems to repeat itself year after year, we get many calls after the winter is over to come to do such roof repairs as fixing leaks and replacing shingles. Unfortunately, some of these leaks cause damage for many months before a homeowner detects them. It’s a shame that a homeowner would have to go through the extra stress that roof leak problems can cause and the added repair expense for something that most likely would have been found earlier if they had had a professional roof inspection done in the spring. This is why we emphasize the need for Bettendorf home and business owners to take advantage of our free spring roof inspection services.”

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Anderson went on to point out that when they do a spring roof inspection, their experienced inspectors do much more than just spend a few minutes upon a customer’s roof. Their spring roof inspections are very thorough and done in a way where they detect both obvious roofing problems and other more subtle issues which only a well-trained roofing professional can find. He says that their roof inspector will first do a visual scan of the roof for damage. After that, they will walk the entire roof looking for harder to detect roof problems such as soft spots which may indicate a structural problem underneath the roof covering. They will also check boots around roof vents and flashing around chimneys which often become displaced by snow and ice during the winter which can result in leaks. The company co-owner says that if they do detect any problems with a customer’s roof during a spring roof inspection, they will take a photo of that area of the roof and discuss repair options with the home or business owner.

According to Anderson, Quality Control Restoration offers a wide variety of commercial and residential roofing solutions. This includes whole roof replacements and storm damage repair for homes and the application of many different types of durable and long-lasting commercial flat roof coatings. He says all of their roofing work is backed up by generous warranties and they use nothing but the highest quality roofing materials. More details on Quality Control restoration’s roofing services can be seen on their Instagram page which is found here at

Customers that have used their services speak very highly of the company. Brian Furlow stated, “They did a complete tear-off and put a new roof on in one day! The company also did an amazing job cleaning up. The whole process super smooth and simple. They even scheduled someone to come put my TV dish back up and realign it. I would highly recommend them!” Gina Kaufman wrote, “So far they have done everything they had promised. Skilled workers. Competitive rates. Timely. Left NO mess behind. Excellent materials used. This work was done after a hail storm that damaged a lot of properties. Highly recommend.” These reviews were taken from Quality Control Restoration’s Google Maps Business Listing. All of the reviews on that listing but one rate the company’s service 5 out of a possible 5-stars. Even the review that’s an exception looks like a rating mis-click because the customer still speaks glowingly of the work that Quality Control Restoration performed for them.

Those that would like to schedule a complimentary spring roof inspection with the company or want to learn more about their services can do so by calling them or by filling out the form that’s found on their company website which can be viewed at


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