Best Rate Repair is Offering To Repair Termite Damage in San Diego

Best Rate Balcony & Deck Repair San Diego is offering potential customers tips on how to determine the best way forward when facing a termite infestation.

The company says in a blog post published on its website that the right measures to take depend on the extent of the termite infestation. The first step to take is to call on the services of an expert exterminator that can eliminate the termite colony that has holed up on the property. Once the root cause of the damage is eliminated, the homeowner is then free to employ the services of a general contractor to assess the damage that the termite colony left behind.

Termite colonies can grow to huge numbers and do considerable damage. To illustrate its point, the blog post from Best Rate Balcony & Deck Repair gives an example of Formosan subterranean termites. A medium-sized colony of that species of termites can reach around three million members and gnaw through a foot-long 2 by 4 board in just a few days. If termite colonies go undetected in a home for a long enough time, they can cause considerable structural damage. The termites can cause stairs to cave in, weaken the wooden beams of the ceiling, or detach the deck from the house. Apart from subterranean termites that are a nuisance and an often destructive force all over the country, coastal areas such as San Diego also have to contend with Drywood termites, a species that can be usually found nesting in roof materials and wooden wall supports.

The amount of damage a termite colony can cause depends on the size of the colony, the type of termite, and even the type of wood used in the construction of the home. Smaller colonies can cause cosmetic surface-level damage that can be easily fixed without the need to need to replace any parts of the home. A wood workman can add sealant and stain to affected wood or spackle over cracks or holes in the wall.

The blog post then says that a wood repair expert is the best judge of the required repairs as they can comprehensively assess the damage to a house and suggest the next steps to take. The company also asks homeowners to be vigilant to spot termite-related problems before they balloon to unmanageable proportions and require extensive repairs to the home. The biggest reason for a structural audit would be if the property in question is old and has the propensity to weaken by the onslaught of termites. If the damage to the structure is clearly visible, the best course of action is to replace the part of the house by recreating it using the services of a general contractor such as Best Rate Repair San Diego.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its services by saying, “We offer a wide range of services that will be appreciated by anyone that is dealing with a termite infestation on their property. Our property repairs are designed to be strong and reliable. We will repair termite damage on your property and rebuild it in such a way that it will stand the test of time. When you use our services, you can rest assured that your home is under the care of experts that can solve any problem you throw at them as you are employing the help of one of the best general contractors in San Diego. Give us a call and we will help you restore your property to its former glory. We will finish the job within budget, on time, and with unmatched professionalism.”

Best Rate Balcony & Deck Repair San Diego offers services such as deck repair, wood damage repair, patio construction repair, termite damage repair, structural damage repair, stucco repair, drywall repair, fencing, and privacy wall installation, and home maintenance programs. The company can be contacted at the phone number 619-229-0116 or at the email address or using a contact form on its website.


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