Best Las Vegas Fence Contractors Discuss Recent Project

Las Vegas, Nevada based A1 Fence LV is reaching out to the community to share details on a challenging project that they recently completed. With this, the company seeks to inspire homeowners in the area to get started on their own fencing projects, demonstrating how even the most challenging situations can be overcome with expertise and ingenuity.

Eli Maciel of A1 Fence LV says, "We expected this project to be fairly routine work, though upon arrival, we quickly found out that it would take much more of our skill and knowledge than was anticipated at first. The task was to fabricate an enclosure for an in-ground pool pump and filter unit, which, despite being simple at first glance, was a fair bit more complicated than it should have been due to its location and proximity to the pool."

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Maciel explains that, during the pool’s initial construction, the builder situated the pool pump in the immediate vicinity of the pool. Whether this was due to poor planning or a lack of space, the result was an unsightly view for an otherwise spotless backyard where the oddly-located pump now stood out from the rest of the area’s decor. The challenge was designing and fabricating an enclosure that fit the backyard's aesthetic while providing access and functionality within the very limited space available.

"While any other fence contractor would have chosen to compromise on either of these aspects, we saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate our skill and set ourselves apart from our competition," states Maciel. "We came through and delivered an outstanding end result that both our client and ourselves were very satisfied with. Now, they will never again have to worry about the unsightly pump ruining an otherwise astonishing backyard, and we can enjoy the satisfaction of having completed yet another successful project."

The local fencing company enjoys a distinguished reputation for being one of the best fence contractors in Las Vegas. They have served the community for several years, earning the respect and favor of local residents and businesses for offering high-quality services accompanied by great attention to detail. The outstanding skill of their contractors is complemented with materials of the highest quality, allowing the company to fulfill even the most demanding projects.

"We take pride in working with our clients to determine their goals and find a way to meet their expectations," says Maciel, speaking of the company's reputation of going out of their way to please their clients. He adds, "Our highly-skilled team of contractors put all of their skills at our clients’ disposal, lending their expertise to see that each project is completed with the highest quality craftsmanship. As a residential fence company, we build fences that are good looking, long-lasting and fairly priced."

Among their residential fencing services, A1 Fence offers Installations for Ornamental Iron Fences, Chain Link Fences, Wood Fences and Pool Protection Fences. To complement these, the company also offers commercial fencing services, which include Perimeter Security, Barrier Gates, Warehouse Partitions and Dumpster Enclosures. The company also handles fence repairs, allowing their clients to save money by avoiding replacements in situations where a simple repair would be enough.

A1 Fence LV possesses several customer reviews that attest to the excellence of their services. One of their most recent testimonials, written on the company's Yelp page by Damian N., says, "Eli was super great! He was on time, very polite and willing to do a smaller job that needed to be done. The communication was awesome and the price couldn't be beaten! I will always do my best to use a small business and you can't go wrong with A1! Justin was great too! Again, on time and thorough! He took a little extra time to answer my silly questions and that was very appreciated! Thanks, guys! You're highly recommended."

The company's website offers more details on A1 Fence LV and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Eli Maciel to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, the company can also be reached by filling out the contact form on their website.


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