Best Inland Empire Car Accident Attorney Now Available For New Consults

Ontario, CA-based Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer is pleased to announce that they are now ready to take on new clients for car accident cases. While the present economic crisis and pandemic may mean there are fewer vehicles on the road in certain areas, the truth is that drivers and passengers are still at risk of being involved in an accident. As such, the firm has committed themselves to remaining accessible to their community in the event accident victims want to consult with the most effective car accident attorneys they can find. Learn more here: Best Injury Attorney Near Me.

A recent 5-Star review from Gregory Jacobs serves as a decent summary of many of the reasons the community finds the firm an invaluable resource. The review explains, “Napolin did a great job for me. I very much appreciate his down to earth approach and guidance he gave me when I needed it, especially early on even before I hired his office. Thank you for the great outcome and for all of your help! I definitely won't hesitate to refer anyone to you who has an injury or auto accident situation.”

Best Inland Empire Car Accident Attorney

However, another review by a client who goes by Allybees Journey offers a much greater degree of insight into what people have to endure after an accident and how a lawyer can help them get their lives back on track. The review (which has been abbreviated here) says, “this review is actually from my husband, who hired Mr. Napolin about a year ago. My husband was in a work related car accident where a car rammed into him while at a stop light. Immediately, his company began to give him a hard time with giving him any type of insurance information or help finding a doctor. They began cutting his hours and treating him differently. I, also having a worker’s compensation case before but never actually going after the company because I felt bad, suggested he consult with a lawyer so that they wouldn’t treat him like they did me.”

The client was then referred to Alexander D. Napolin and his firm. The review goes on to say, “He and his staff were super helpful, and helped us understand what was going on. We didn’t bug them much but, regardless, we didn’t need to. They always kept us up to speed. Finally, after a year, a settlement was set. Mr. Napolin went after both the company and the driver, which of course was fair. He got us back way more than we’d ever hope for, and for that we are grateful. That settlement has helped us tremendously. Thank you, Mr. Napolin and your staff, for helping my husband. You all deserve the best.”

For these reasons and more, Napolin is widely considered to be the best Inland Empire car accident attorney one could seek assistance from. His firm and he offer free initial consultations to clients in order to ensure they are apprised of every possible action they may take in a case. Furthermore, his focus on client-centric practice has led him to develop his expertise in multiple areas of law, including but not limited to medical malpractice, personal injury, car accidents, product liability, workers’ compensation and even bankruptcy.

As Napolin observes, a worldwide crisis does not mean that other problems have ceased to be concerns. Commuters can still get into accidents, and they still need a responsible, conscientious and reliable lawyer who can advocate on their behalf as well as guide them through the legal process. Fortunately for Ontario residents, Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer has made it their mission to stay within reach for the duration of the crisis and beyond.

The firm encourages their community to get in touch as soon as possible following an accident (after they have seen to their immediate medical needs). Additional information regarding the firm’s services can be found on their website, and interested parties may contact Alexander Napolin to schedule a consultation at their earliest convenience. Learn more here: Napolin APC.


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