Benefits Of Selling Your Austin House Via Rent To Own Explored In New Article

Austin, Texas based Realtron is pleased to share their recent blog post, entitled ‘The Perks of Selling Your Austin House via Rent To Own In Uncertain Times.’ The family-owned and locally-operated Austin Real Estate Brokerage firm has been serving the local real estate market since 1985. More information about the firm can be found at the following link: We Buy Houses Austin.

In the blog post, the brokerage firm says that the main benefit of selling an Austin home via the rent to own method is that the sellers can, more often than not, get their asking price. The company explains that, while people who are looking to buy via the rent to own method are typically seeking an opportunity to purchase a home, they are in no place to negotiate the cost. While it might take a year or two to be paid in full, selling in this manner will help homeowners retain an upper hand and get their asking price.

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Another benefit is that this method allows homeowners to sell their house quickly. Listing a property on the MLS might lead to the property sitting on the market for months, even leading to the listing expiring. However, it is much quicker to find a buyer when selling via the rent to own method. This will allow the homeowner to sell the house faster and move on with peace of mind. Additionally, this will also provide protection and security to the homeowner, since the contract will be voided and the homeowner will retain ownership of the property (and have the chance to try again with another buyer) should the original buyers fail to meet their end of the obligation. Further, if the buyers made a down payment, it will be the homeowner’s to keep, in addition to the extra rental income received each month.

The blog post also explains that the rent to own method allows for a larger audience, as it will attract even those who want to own a home but cannot afford the down payment or do not qualify for a traditional loan. Realtron goes on to say that selling a home via rent to own also allows homeowners to skip holding costs, such as utility bills, mortgage and repair costs. By selling a house via a rent to own agreement, homeowners can find buyers who will take over the utility payments and the maintenance costs. Additionally, the ‘rent’ being paid will help with their mortgage. The full blog post, which contains several more pertinent details, can be found at the following link:

Chance Rady, a representative for Realtron, says, “A lot of people want to sell their house, but they often ignore the option of selling it through the rent to own method. That’s unfortunate, because there are a lot of benefits to be gained by selling in this way. In fact, it might be the best way to sell, especially during difficult times such as these. For homeowners who want to sell, but are worried — whether it’s about the market, getting a low-ball offer or being unable to find qualified buyers — the rent to own method is a great way to sell their homes. If you’re thinking of selling your property in this way and want some help, feel free to get in touch with Realtron.”

Realtron asserts that the family-owned company is run entirely by highly qualified Austin Real Estate Agents who are able to deliver first-class expertise alongside personalized attention. According to the company, their driving philosophy is to provide the best possible real estate experience for all of their clients. Being a full-service real estate brokerage company, Realtron assures their community that they can both list and sell a home or buy the home themselves.

Those who want to learn more about Realtron and their services are welcome to visit the real estate agent’s website for more information. Realtron also maintains a Facebook page where clients can find updates and media shared by the agency. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Chance Rady directly via email or phone. Further, Realtron can also be reached through the contact form on the company website. More information about the real estate agency can also be found at the following link:


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