Benchmade 535 Bugout Launch

Knives Ship Free announces that they will launch a new knife ths week. It is the iconic Bugout: Benchmade 535-3 Bugout®. The highlight feature of this newly released product offering is its CPM-S30V stainless steel blade. It’s the type of blade that is only found in the highest quality knife products. As their name implies, all of KnivesShipFree knives, including this model, are shipped completely free of charge to anywhere in the USA.

The company representative, J. Rouch, says, “We have long been known for carrying many quality knife designs, but every once in a while we receive a new model that really shocks us with how amazing it is. The Benchmade 535-3 Bugout® is just such a knife. Including its specialty steel blade and strong carbon fiber handle, it’s a knife that excels from pommel to tip. We expect it to move very well once actual sales start this week of February 17th.”

Rouch went on to discuss the features of this new Benchmade knife that they at the company feel will make it one of their bestsellers. As mentioned above, one of its top characteristics is this new knife’s CPM-S30V blade. He says that the quality stainless steel it’s made of not only makes it corrosion resistant, but its added carbon and vanadium also gives it the toughness that many knife owners demand. These extra additives will also allow the blade to remain sharp for a longer period.

CPM-S30V Steel is so highly-rated because it’s made using a special crucible metallurgy process. The result of which are knives that are coveted by collectors, military personnel, law enforcement, and others. Its blade measures 3.24" in length, .09" in thickness, and has a hardness value of 58-60 HRC. The company representative added that the handle on this new knife offering is extremely tough and durable too. It’s made of lightweight carbon fiber material and includes intricate scaling work for better grip and to give it a unique and classy look. When the Benchmade 535-3 Bugout® is fully open it measures 7.46" and when closed it's just 4.22" in length. He stated this makes it a knife that’s easy to conceal and there is an added reversible mini deep-carry clip to help with this too. Further explanation of these features and the others that will be discussed can be seen on the company’s website which is found at

The company representative says that another important characteristic of this recently released knife is its locking mechanism. It uses what’s called an ‘AXIS® lock’ system which is often associated with higher quality knives such as Benchmade knives. This consists of a spring-tension bar that moves back and forth on a special groove that is carefully cut into the handle. He says that the butt of the blade is connected to the axis locking mechanism in a concealed portion of the handle. A flat spot in that mechanism allows the blade to lock firmly into place, yet a simple press on the thumb studs allows a wielder to easily slide the blade back towards the knife handle and then fold the blade shut. Rouch pointed out that because this new knife uses an axis locking system, it can be handled efficiently by both right and left-handed users.

Rouch stated they have hundreds of knives to choose from that include many different styles of knives from many different popular manufacturers. Some of the knife manufacturers that shoppers can choose from are the Jesse James Knife Company, Dragon Kitchen Knives, RMJ Tactical, and Fallkniven. He says they carry just about any type of knife available too, such as fixed blade models, kitchen knives, hunting knives, automatic opening, and traditional pocket knives. Those who would like more information on the Benchmade 535-3 Bugout® or any other Knives Ship Free product, can go to their website or view the company Facebook page.


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