Bellflower Pest Control Offering Services to Bellflower, CA

Bellflower Pest Control is a new pest control company in Bellflower, California. The company just opened its doors on Monday with a grand opening. The business consists of a team of 13 professional exterminators who all have experience in pest control. The company helped over 40 people on the first day of opening and plans to help over 500 by the end of the week.

Bellflower has had a recent spike in pest infestations. The reason for this is because pests are becoming harder and harder to treat. All kinds of pests are becoming more resilient to over the counter treatments and DIY methods aren’t working like they used to. Professional treatments seem to be one of the only options left. Bellflower Pest Control hopes to help stop these pest infestations because the company believes no person should be uncomfortable in their home or work environment.

A representative of the company spoke in a recent interview saying, “Pests are becoming harder and harder to treat. Los Angeles County has fallen victim to a rapid rise in infestations and due to this, professional pest control services are needed more than ever. We hope to alleviate the stress of a pest infestation from people’s lives for good. Our goal is to make every residential and commercial property in Los Angeles County pest-free and our team believes it’s possible.”

The company responds to emergency calls for wild and distressed animals, they offer routine check-ups to make sure the bugs are staying out, and all of their services are custom built for each pest and individual property. Their team of local exterminators can be contacted via phone or online at


For more information about Bellflower Pest Control, contact the company here:

Bellflower Pest Control
Bellflower Pest Control
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