Belle Âme Med Spa Begins Curating Medical Questions and Answers For HydraFacial

Oklahoma City, OK - Belle Âme Med Spa, an Oklahoma City medical spa that offers a range of professional esthetic and non-surgical elective treatments has begun collecting and publishing questions from patients who have had or are thinking of having a HydraFacial. The questions are being answered from summarized doctor responses and published on the clinic's HydraFacial section of their site.

"We've noticed a lot of people are curious about treatments like HydraFacial but don't always have a good source for answers from medical professionals for their questions," mentioned a clinic staffer, "instead of guessing at what people are wondering, we decided to start collecting their questions and getting qualified answers to them so that they could benefit others as well."

Getting HydraFacial Oklahoma City

The clinic plans to adopt the same strategy for other treatments in addition to HydraFacials.

Belle Âme began delivering the HydraFacial proceedure nearly a year ago when it first opened and has since completed dozens of the skin rejuvinating treatments. The treatment features a 3 step process designed to exfoliate and hydrate the face using a combination of a vacume and "vortex" action in an applicator device. The technology promisses to hydrate skin with specialized syrums through a patented pressurized application. HydraFacial has been touted as by clinics like Belle Âme as one of the most effective facial treatments which do not involve abrasion media on the skin. According to the clinic's site, the treatment has even proven effective for improving acne when used in conjunction with other treatments in tandem.

HydraFacial has become a mainstay in the esthetics industry with celebreties such as Beyonce touting it as one of their go-to beauty secrets.

For more information about the treatment or to read the latest HydraFacial questions and answers, visit the Belle Âme website.


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