Belle Ame Med Spa And CoolSculpting Center Welcomes New Statewide Camera Network

Local bloggers in Oklahoma City have been talking about a new statewide camera network system, which is due to be installed in the near future. The system is scheduled for installation in the next few months, though many local residents appear to be uncertain about the purpose that these cameras will actually serve.

"When we first heard about this new camera network system, we were most excited, as this is good news all around. We quickly noticed, however, that many in our community are either unaware about the upcoming installation of these cameras or do not know how they will help maintain safety on the road," stated Daniel James, an Oklahoma City local. This uncertainty is what prompted the company to share their insight in a bid to educate their community. They hope that this will put any concerns to rest.

On OKC business posted an article that states "This new camera network system is a result of a new partnership between the Oklahoma government and Rekor Systems. Once deployed, they will be used to track and identify any uninsured drivers as part of the Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program (UVED). We should all be excited about this, as it will help us build safer roads and prevent unfortunate situations."

Any vehicle with an Oklahoma plate that passes these new cameras will be checked against the state's database of registered vehicles. Since proof of insurance must be shown when registering or renewing a tag, UVED will be able to identify which cars are being driven without it. Vehicles without it will be tracked and their drivers contacted with a set of instructions on what they should do to avoid further issues.

A FOX 25 article, which describes the procedure to be followed, saying, "Officials say uninsured drivers will receive a letter in the mail offering to enroll them in a program that costs $174, which defers any legal action for two years."

This new program seeks to offer the community more affordable options than they would otherwise get while at the same time helping them avoid fines. In comparison, a citation for driving without insurance can cost up to $250 plus court costs.

James says, "Even though you may feel as if this is being imposed on you at first, you should be happy to have the opportunity to avoid the fine and pay a more affordable price. Insurance is important after all, especially for vehicles in a country where roadside accidents are common, so this program is beneficial in encouraging drivers to get their vehicles insured. Even in the best-case scenario, where you are never involved in a vehicle accident, you will still be potentially saving money in fines and time avoiding court."


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