Belle Âme Med Spa And Cool Sculpting Center Educates Community On Dermal Fillers

The Oklahoma City, OK based Belle Âme Med Spa and CoolSculpting Center recently published a new article that explains what dermal fillers are and explores the advantages they offer. This article was composed with the intent of helping people in Oklahoma City who have never had facial fillers decide whether this cosmetic option is compatible with their individual goals. The Center’s staff is also standing by to respond to any concerns raised, so interested parties are encouraged to get in touch today to discuss their options with a professional.

In the article, which is freely accessible through the Belle Âme Med Spa and CoolSculpting Center’s website, the clinic states that most visible signs of aging in the skin can be attributed to a loss of facial tissue volume, which become more apparent as time progresses. As the face loses more volume and elasticity, this leads to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and etched lines. The staff at the beauty clinic use dermal fillers to resolve this by introducing volume into the face wherever necessary, thereby restoring the patient to a more youthful appearance.

“They can also be used to plump thin lips and reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles,” states the blog post. “They’re a soft, gel-like substance that is injected directly under the skin to ‘plump’ up wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful appearance.” While the technology is known to be extremely safe for the vast majority of people (though some may object to the use of needles as fillers typically have to be injected), the number of treatments needed will depend on certain factors that are unique to each individual. For instance, the age of the client may be a determining factor as older individuals are more likely to have extra lines or wrinkles that they want to sort out. However, this is not always the case, and the client’s personal goals will also factor heavily in the type of treatment they will ultimately pursue.

Fortunately, those who wish to explore their options need not resort to information they find online or learn through non-professional third party sources (such as friends and family). The Belle Âme Med Spa And Cool Sculpting Center takes each procedure quite seriously, and they therefore consider it their duty to give clients the benefit of their professional experience in the consultations leading up to a treatment. During these sessions, a client may raise every question they have as well as receive a professional’s opinion regarding the approach they believe will deliver the intended results.

Notably, dermal fillers are not a surgical treatment, so clients may receive their initial treatment over the course of an office visit. Following the general consultation, an injection specialist will examine the patient’s medical history as well as discuss any factors that may contribute in one way or another to the result of the treatment. At this point, patients should bring up every allergy, medication, neurological condition or other medical issue that they are aware of in order to help the clinic assure their complete safety. This is just a precaution, however, as dermal fillers are known to carry quite little risk.

The post adds, “Before the treatment itself, the surface area of the injection site will be cleaned and anesthesia will be applied, then comes the injection, and results may be noticeable immediately after depending on the problem area. Some light bruising and a little swelling are common after the procedure. This should only last a few days, though this varies from person to person.”

A treatment may alter a patient’s features for anywhere between 6-18 months, but the clinic advises their community to remember that numerous factors contribute to how long it can endure. For instance, lip injections are known to wear off faster than smile lines, which is why certain other procedures may be used in conjunction with fillers to achieve a more complete, long-lasting change.

Those interested may reach out to the med spa via their website to follow up on any initial inquiries or schedule a consultation during which they may receive more personalized guidance. The community is also encouraged to visit the med spa’s social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest offers and other announcements.


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