Bella Restoration Baltimore Provides Water Damage Restoration In Baltimore

MD-based Bella Restoration Baltimore is pleased to announce that they provide water damage restoration to residents and businesses in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. The company specializes in controlling the damage caused by leaks, floods and other sources of water as well as restoring properties damaged in such circumstances to their former state. Learn more about their services at the following link: Water Damage Baltimore.

According to the company, several factors can lead to water damage. This includes faulty pipes (whether they simply have a leak or have burst entirely), flooding caused by heavy rain, sewage backups and more. In certain cases, the company has also dealt with water damage that resulted from firefighting efforts.

water damage Baltimore

Chuck Cox of Bella Restoration Baltimore explains that the company takes a specific series of steps to protect their customers’ property. The first of these is to locate the cause of the water damage and ensure it does not contribute further to the existing problem (such as by closing off a burst pipe). Following this, standing water is extracted from the area via dedicated equipment. The environment this leaves behind may still be damp, but the company usually chooses this point to remove any items that cannot be salvaged.

Unfortunately, water damage often makes furniture unrecoverable, and the company’s contractors may have to remove plaster, drywall, ceilings, carpeting and more before moving on. As a leading water damage company in Baltimore, Bella has access to professional-grade air movers and dehumidifiers that they can then use to dry out the affected area. This applies no matter what kind of water damage the area has suffered, from storm damage to backed up sewage (though additional measures may need to be taken afterwards). The extent of the damage will determine how long the drying out stage will take, sometimes requiring several days.

In addition to the fact that no homeowner will want to occupy a room that has been exposed to sewage, such contaminants pose a distinct risk if left untreated. The company, however, is able to sanitize and deodorize the area to prevent mold and smells from developing over time, and this service is executed to a comprehensive degree regardless of whether the issue involves clean water, grey water or black water (which range from mild to severe risk, respectively).

The last step of this process is reconstruction. As a full-service water damage restoration provider, Bella Restoration Baltimore is able to offer a comprehensive solution that leaves area fit for inhabitation once more. This may include hanging new drywall, laying new carpeting, installing new cabinets and even refinishing hardwood floors.

Notably, the company has a policy of remaining on standby 24/7 to ensure they can respond promptly to any requests for assistance. In the event of an emergency, a Maryland household or business can expect the company to arrive within 30-60 minutes thanks to their wide-ranging network of restoration professionals. As such, the company encourages their community not to hesitate to call if they need help.

A detailed review from Kelly Kane serves to explain why the company’s customers value their assistance so highly. Kane’s review describes a basement flooding, a fairly common issue that is known to affect Maryland homeowners. As these homeowners will know, a basement flooding can be incredibly stressful to fix, and swift action is necessary to ensure the house does not suffer further damage. Fortunately for Kane, she reached out to Bella Restoration Baltimore and received a prompt, professional response.

The 5-Star review explains, “My entire basement flooded, and Bella was there to help from the very beginning. The entire process went so smooth. From meeting with Chuck and Adam, to meeting with the adjuster, to having the work completed. My children and myself had such an easy transition through the entire process. Chuck and Adam had such professionalism and honestly made me feel so comfortable in such an ‘uncomfortable’ situation. My new basement is breathtaking. I couldn’t ask for a better result, and they handled it a lot quicker than I originally anticipated. Would absolutely suggest Bella and would use again if ever need be! Thank you for all of your hard work!”

Further details can be found on the company’s official website. Customers may also get in touch with Chuck Cox of Bella Restoration Baltimore to inquire after specific services. Learn more here: Water Damage Restoration Baltimore MD.


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