Bedsore Injury Attorney Kucher Law Group Discusses Signs of Neglect in New York Nursing Homes

New York - Samantha Kucher, the founder of Kucher Law and a bedsore lawyer, explained in her recent article the common signs of neglect; with bedsore being included in the list. The life of a nursing home resident is not easy, and the best facilities can be subject to elder neglect.

In the article, Ms. Kucher explains: “Neglect refers to when a patient fails to receive the required care to keep them healthy and happy. Bedsore can indicate neglect in a facility when a patient hasn't been receiving proper care. Unfortunately, even though the doctors, administration, and other employees know their liability, they often fail to notify families or pass on the responsibility.”

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The bedsore lawyer further discussed how fatal elder neglect can get. Ms. Kucher explained that this can cause injury, harm, or even death. Neglect can be in any form, from inadequate food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene to medication to safety and comfort to other care. One of the first signs of abuse is bedsores, which are wounds on the skin that have been created by prolonged pressure from lying in one position for too long.

The article also discussed that inadequate staffing and oversight are often reasons for neglect. In these settings, many employees are stressed out and work too hard to provide the best care possible for residents. Facilities are also negligent in performing background and employment reference checks before hiring employees.

Patients suffering from bedsores can experience severe pain and unnecessary suffering. If left untreated, bedsores can spread deep into the muscle and bone and cause serious infections, such as cellulitis, osteomyelitis, or localized infection.

While these wounds might appear minor at first, they can quickly become infected and lead to death if left untreated. The caregiving facility must devise treatment plans in order to prevent bedsores and need to be able to recognize and manage risks.

In nursing homes or other care facilities, residents may be scared to say something, not recognize the signs of bedsore, and are unable to appreciate their danger. Sometimes, people who complain about neglect are dismissed due to their advanced age or mental impairment.

Furthermore, the legal responsibility for bedsores prevention rests with doctors and staff. A contract between a hospital and patient is legally binding and if a patient is not taken care of according to the contract, there may be criminal or civil consequences.

Bedsores can be addressed by both state and federal laws. These laws require that facilities have protocols and measures in order to provide quality treatment for residents and patients. A facility must provide the appropriate treatment to address pressure ulcers that are already present and prevent them from developing.

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