Bed Bugs Columbus Exterminators Releases Merger Agreement

Bed Bugs Columbus Exterminators has been providing reliable and affordable pest control solutions to the residents and business owners of Franklin County for over ten years. The company has earned a lot of high star reviews and they are known throughout the county to have the most effective treatments and the most friendly staff. Their team of exterminators are professionally trained on how to treat every species of pest in the area. If anyone has a pest problem they should contract a professional to take care of the problem immediately.

The company has grown very quickly over the years. They have more than doubled their service area and have tripled their team from five exterminators when they started to fifteen this month. Bed Bugs Columbus Exterminators just struck a merger deal with another local pest control company. The merger will help them boost their growth faster than ever before.

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The president of the company said, “This merger is going to help take this company to the next level. We will receive pest control equipment for the whole team, brand new utility vans, and five new employees. The new equipment will allow us to more effectively take care of each pest, the new utility vans will help us get to the infestations quicker, and the new employees will allow us to help more people than ever before.

Bed Bugs Columbus Exterminators recently announced that they have noticed an unreasonable number of new pest infestations lately. The company thinks this is due to people using everyday treatments instead of professional services.

A representative of the company said, “The problem with everyday treatments is they aren’t as effective as professional services. The pests have adapted and become immune to these treatments so they are able to spread uncontrollably. Professional services are the best way to handle any pest infestations and in the long run are the most affordable.

The company has a lot of high star reviews so if people think they have a pest problem they will be in good hands with Bed Bugs Columbus Exterminators. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.

An exterminator on their team once said, “Pests are very tricky to get rid of once they take over an entire property. If people think they have a pest problem they shouldn’t wait to call a professional. It only takes twenty four hours for most pests to take over an entire building.


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