Beantown Coins Attracts More Numismatists to Florida

St. Petersburg, FL - Beantown Coins is attracting more interest to St. Petersburg, Florida, with their numismatic collections. The company entices more numismatists to the town with their extensive collection of ancient coins.

The Numismatic Coin Sales Near St. Petersburg, FL currently has over 40 ancient coins in their collection. Their premium collection includes several types of world coins and Exonumia. Beantown Coins buy, sell, and trade these coins with prices ranging from $90 to $3,950.

Among the coins in their inventory is 1813(ND) Guadeloupe PCGS XF-45 2L 5S – KM-30 C/M ON CUT 8R. They also have the Ptolemaic Kingdom – Ptolemy I, 323-283 BC – AR TETRADRACHM 13.62 GM – OBV XF, REV CH XF; and the 881 PCGS PR-66 RB Indian Head Cent 1C. To check out the complete list of their collection, visit

Clients of Beantown Coins can expect integrity and fairness as the company’s guiding qualities. Thus, they will continue to represent the high standards of generations of rare coin dealers, becoming a significant presence in rare coins worldwide. “We will continue to represent the high standards of generations of merchants of our trade, while happily educating and serving our clients,” they say.

Beantown Coins also assures to transfer the knowledge they cultivated to the next generation. Furthermore, they educate their customers about ancient coins, aiming to pass the love for numismatics. With over 50 years of experience in the numismatic industry, Beantown Coins genuinely have a lot to share.

The Coin Expert also belongs to a vast network of numismatists in the area. They are a proud member of the United States and the world. The company is a proud member of the American Numismatic Association, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, Central States Numismatic Society, Professional Coin Grading Service, and the Florida United Numismatists Inc.

With their name on these organizations, Beantown Coins enjoys an extensive network in the numismatic industry. “With our knowledge, reputation, and a large network in the numismatic field, Beantown Coins are able to offer the greatest rates to public sellers while utilizing our established and vast network of collectors to find the ideal buyer,” the company says.

To know more about ancient coins and the Beantown Coins, clients may call 857-294-7820 or visit their shop at 3530 1st Ave N. Suite #220 St. Petersburg, FL 33713. The ancient coin company also has an office at 1266 Furnace Brook Pkwy, Suite #410 Quincy, MA 02169.


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