Baytown Personalized Gifts Shop Highlights Custom Ornaments

customizable Christmas ornaments

Baytown, TX — The holiday season is here, and for many families that means it’s time to trim the Christmas tree with lights, garland, and of course – ornaments. Although shoppers can expect to see a whole host of traditional ball ornaments for sale at regular retail stores, they might be searching for more unique options for themselves, their loved ones, or even their customers or favorite clients. While Awards & Engraving is known for being the leading provider of corporate awards in Baytown, the experienced team also specializes in a whole host of other products. With that in mind this month, Awards & Engraving is highlighting their customizable ornament collection.

From commemorating special milestones like Baby’s First Christmas to showcasing business logos on seasonal promotional handouts, there are numerous options available to suit any customer’s needs. The ornaments can be crafted from many different materials including classic crystal, glass, wood, metal, impact-resistant plastic, as well as an unbreakable option - leatherette. Ornaments come with either silver or gold string or red or white ribbon for hanging, depending on the material chosen. There are also several shapes to choose from that complement the holiday season such as snowflakes, trees, and bells. More classic shapes like circle, oval, heart, and star are available as well.

In order to have sufficient time to design and package the perfect product, the dedicated team at Awards and Engraving places a 6-day production time frame on all custom ornaments.

Awards & Engraving strives to support their community in the most effective way possible, one of which includes providing high-quality products and services that will flawlessly meet the needs of individuals and businesses. For more information about Awards & Engraving, or to choose the perfect personalized ornament for you, visit them online at or give them a call at (281) 420-1299.


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