Battle Born Painting Discusses 4 Important Steps for Businesses to Follow When Performing Covid 19 Sanitizing

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Battle Born Painting wants to let local businesses know that they offer professional sanitizing services that are aimed at helping to minimize the spread of the virus. Although they acknowledge it's best to have a qualified professional perform COVID-19 sanitizing services, they added that there are certain things a business can do to help ensure the safety of its employees and customers. This trusted Reno, NV area commercial painting and sanitization contractor states that there are 4 key steps involved for any business that is looking to properly deep clean their facility.

Company owner Will Reyes says, “It’s no secret that all across America, and the rest of the world for that matter, stopping the rapid spread of COVID-19 has proved to be a difficult task at best. That makes it extremely important for everyone to steps to stop the spread of the virus. This is especially true for commercial properties where their high volume of foot traffic can become a major virus spreader if proper sanitization is not undertaken. That’s why we would like to share 4 critical steps in the COVID-19 sanitization process that if properly undertaken can help any business reduce the threat of virus spread to their employees, customers, and the general public.”

Reyes says that the first step in proper COVID-19 commercial sanitization involves doing cleaning that goes above and beyond normal routine surface cleaning. This is because although normal cleaning does remove dirt from surfaces, it often does not necessarily kill the germs, viruses, and bacteria that are present on them. He pointed out that even surfaces such as doorknobs, shopping carts, keypads, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, and faucets. Other high touch surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as railings, should also be cleaned routinely. Reyes noted that surfaces that are contaminate free make it harder for the virus to attach itself and linger on them. He also advised that company employees undertaking COVID-19 sanitization efforts should also be wearing gloves, masks, goggles, and other types of PPE to help ensure their safety while doing the job.

The company owner went on to say that step number two involves sanitizing as a company is being cleaned too. This is done to lower the number of germs on surfaces to levels that are considered safe by public health organizations. He says that sanitization also has to be done in conjunction with step number three which is disinfection. When these two steps are done using proper chemicals, that gives a company’s deep cleaning efforts the best chance to kill infectious fungi, bacteria, and viruses on hard environmental surfaces. He also warned that companies have to be very careful when using disinfectants because many leave behind a residue that can be harmful to their employees and customers' health. The owner says that’s why professional sanitization companies like them make sure they use cleaning solutions that are not only effective but also are EPA approved so they pose no risk to those that work in or visit a commercial property.

Reyes says that the last step in the COVID-19 commercial sanitation process is for those that have done the cleaning to properly dispose of their PPE when they have finished the job. He added, “As a business owner or manager if you follow these steps to sanitize your facility, you will be doing your part to help minimize the spread of this terrible virus that is impacting so many lives across the nation in a negative way.”

Battle Born Painting’s owner also acknowledged that many area businesses simply do not have the time, equipment, and know-how to deeply sanitize their commercial property. He says if that’s the case, businesses can still do their part by hiring professional sanitization contractors such as them who are well-versed when it comes to combatting the spread of viruses and other germs in the workplace. Reyes pointed out that their professional cleaning crews have the training, advanced equipment, and specialty cleaning solutions necessary to significantly increase the sanitization level of any type of commercial property.

Reyes says that those companies that want more information on how to properly sanitize their facilities against the threat of COVID-19 spread, they are welcome to contact him by phone, email, or by filling out the ‘Request a Quote’ form on the company website.


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