Battery Park Slip and Fall Attorney David Leigh, P.C Discusses Trip and Fall Accidents in New York

Battery Park, NY: David Leigh P.C., founder of the Law Office of David S. Leigh P.C and Battery Park slip and fall attorney, recently published an article about trip and fall accidents in New York. In his article, he gives insight into slips and falls which is one of the most common types of accidents in the city.

The Battery Park slip and fall attorney specifically discusses: “Accidents can occur in Battery Park City Manhattan. There are occasions when a slip and fall is just that, a mishap. Negligence means that another party is responsible for the accident and it was preventable.”

Battery Park slip and fall attorney

If this happens, the cause of the slip and fall could be an obstacle or another danger that was not adequately addressed. It may also result in trauma or injuries to the victim. This is usually what a slip and fall attorney may refer to as a slip & fall accident.

New York premises law provides protection for slip and fall, trip and falling accidents. This law allows property owners to be held liable for any injuries caused by unsafe pavement conditions. The legal responsibility for maintaining safe conditions on residential or commercial property, including sidewalks, falls, trips, and slips, lies with the owners of private or public property.

Failure to maintain the property in a safe manner by managers or owners can be considered neglect and the owner could be held responsible for any costs resulting from the personal injuries.

Even if the injury was caused by a fall on another party's property that does not automatically make them subject to premises liability. In order to be considered for premises liability, carelessness must have played an important role.

According to the US National Safety Council, falling is the most common cause of injury-related deaths in older adults. More than 8 million seniors are treated annually in US emergency rooms. These can happen at home but also in senior care facilities. Many of these are due to negligence by the staff and owners.

Clients in assisted living and long-term care facilities have a duty to provide safety and security for them. We still see many elderly people injured from preventable hazards.

It is vital that staff and owners take all safety precautions, particularly in vulnerable areas such as those with impaired mobility or cognitive impairment. In the event that an older adult suffers injury in a care facility setting, the administrators or owners may be responsible.

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