Bathroom Remodeling Company National Restoration Experts Is Offering Its Services In Pompano Beach

Bathroom remodeling company National Restoration Experts is offering bathroom remodeling, bathroom renovations, and bathroom design services to clients in Pompano Beach and surrounding areas.

Bathroom safety is a serious consideration that escapes the concerns of most homeowners. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), every year around 235000 people over the age of 15 visit the emergency room because of injuries sustained in the bathroom. Around 14% of those are hospitalized. Generally, the causes of the injuries are aging, slippery tiles, loose bathroom fittings, and a lack of safety features, especially if there are seniors in the house who need a little bit of extra help to navigate the space. Older homes that haven’t been updated in a while are more likely to suffer from the problems that make the bathroom a hazard for their residents.

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A well-maintained bathroom will not only be safe for everyone living in the home but will also offer a pleasing start to a long and arduous day. It is also a great space to unwind on the weekends or after work. Residents can treat themselves to the pleasures of relaxing in the bathtub or take the time to groom themselves in the private space. A properly equipped bathroom will have the correct lighting, features, and storage required to make it functional as well as inviting. When one is lost about the possibilities of what can be done with a bathroom, homeowners are recommended to turn to professional contractors, such as National Restoration Experts in Pompano Beach, that have the skills and knowledge to perform bathroom renovation or design one from scratch to truly elevate it to a refreshing and sublime experience for all of the home’s residents.

The company says that bathroom renovations or redesigns are performed to increase comfort and safety, improve the aesthetics, or increase the resale value of the home. The company will help understand the needs of the customer and then create a plan for bathroom improvement which can be anything from installing a bigger tile shower, installing newer flooring, adding wall coverings, or adding extra cabinet capacity. The company says that once the main reason for the remodeling has been ascertained, they can help the customer achieve their exact vision by using their experience and expertise.

The company employs a 5-step approach to bathroom remodeling that it claims eliminates all the guesswork and ambiguity involved with any large-scale or small-scale remodeling project. It begins with the customer reaching out to the company with the problem that they are trying to solve. The company will then set up a meeting between the customer and an expert bathroom designer who will ask exactly the right questions to discern the customer’s needs. The designer will then hit the drawing board and draft a design agreement that will address all of the customer’s concerns. They will use their extensive experience to craft a plan that makes efficient use of the limited space while keeping the labor and material costs within the customer’s budget. The company’s employees will then follow through with the building process, a process that generally takes two to four weeks depending on the style, size, type of fixtures to be changed or improved, the number of people laboring on it, and the number of improvements to drainage, wiring, or the underlying architecture required. Once the job is completed the company will send over a representative for a follow-up to ensure it has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

National Restoration Experts has over 10 years of experience providing a range of commercial and residential construction and renovation services in areas including West Palm Beach, Wellington, Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac, Sunrise Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Plantation, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate Lake Worth, and Palm Beach. The company is licensed, bonded, and insured and provides industry-leading warranties on all its work.

The company can be reached at the phone number (754) 219-4660 or using a contact form on its website.


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