Bat Removal Moratorium 2021 – Last Reminder for Tampa Residents

April 12, 2021. Tampa Bay, Florida - Wildout Animal & Pest Removal Tampa has sent out its last seasonal bat moratorium reminder. As of April 15th, 2021, Central Floridians are reminded that they cannot and must not legally remove bats. This leaves anyone who has a bat problem less than three days to have the bats removed.

Area residents are reminded that bats are actually very beneficial creatures. Bat removal should be done humanely and with the idea of returning them to their natural environment rather than euthanizing them. The company understands that bats can be noisy and cause foul smells to come out from the walls or out of the attic. However, the noise will be gone when the bats are properly removed, as will the smell with proper smell remediation techniques.

Image of bat

Anyone who has a bat problem should also know that the time to act is now. If no action is taken before April 15th, then nothing can be done about the bat problem until August 15th when the moratorium ends and it is once again legal to remove the pesky critters. This is because there is a Florida law that protects bats.

During the moratorium period, bats reproduce and tend to their young. If they are doing this inside your walls or in one's attic, then one cannot do anything about it. Homeowners have to leave the bats alone until the law says they are able to do something about the issue.

B. Shiver, spokesperson for Wildout Animal Removal Tampa said, “It is a good idea to have the date when the moratorium begins and when it ends in the calendar. Otherwise, people go about their daily routines and tend to forget about the problem. The longer that bats are inside walls or in the attic, the more problems they can cause, so it is best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.” He went on to say, “It is never a good idea to try to remove wild animals yourself. People often see certain animals as harmless, but they can actually carry diseases. Bats are known to carry rabies, which is why people should leave animal removal to professionals. In addition, during the breeding season, bats can and do become aggressive.” He also said, “You should not expose yourself to disease and health problems. Animal removal companies have trained professionals who can do the job the right way.”

Mr. Shiver also said, “When you have bats scratching inside your walls or causing bad smells in your home or business, you need to act right away. If you do not, there is nothing my company can do about the problem once the moratorium is in effect.”

The company has a blog post about how to get rid of bats on its website. Read about bat removal by clicking on the link. The blog post goes into detail as to why bats are not necessarily the nuisance creatures people think they are. It explains how they play a very important role in nature and in ridding the surroundings of flies, mosquitos, and other insects. If it were not for bats, Florida farmers could suffer great economic hardship due to crop losses. Additionally, mosquitoes carry diseases that are very harmful to humans. Since bats eat such massive amounts of mosquitoes, there are less to go around infecting humans.,

The company knows that business owners and homeowners do not want bats in their homes or places of business. Guano, or bat droppings, have a powerful ammonia smell. The smell of guano can be overpowering at times, especially as it piles up over time. It also corrodes and causes lots of damage to structures like walls and attics.

Mr. Shiver said, “Once bats have infested a home or business, it is not just a matter of getting rid of them. You cannot just remove the bats and say you are done. You can get rid of the bats but have the smell continue. This is why you need a company such as ours that has the equipment and techniques to rid the place of bats and the smell associated with them.”


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