Baltimore Geothermal Heating Provider Saves Customers Thousands

Baltimore, MD - HVAC Company Supreme Service Today says tax credits make cutting-edge energy very affordable.

While there is little debate about the value and efficiency of adding geothermal energy solutions to homes have, many homeowners shudder at the thought of the upfront investment typically required in getting the system designed and installed. Leading Baltimore HVAC company Supreme Service Today is eager to point out that through federal and state tax credits, acquiring a geothermal system is actually quite affordable.

Geothermal heating installation Maryland

Supreme Service Today owner Denny Kougianos says any conventional system that is at least ten years old is a good candidate for getting replaced with geothermal anyways, not only because outdated technology is expensive and inefficient to keep in operation, but also because a geothermal system will last at least twice as long or more than conventional HVAC.

“People are always astounded when we point out that geothermal heating and cooling use up to less than 70% of the energy a conventional system does, and they are equally impressed by how easily we can break down the cost savings for them to point out that converting to geothermal really is a solid investment for any home.”

Mr. Kougianos points out that the sticker shock of $25,000 can hit hard for many households, Baltimore residents enjoy a $3000 Maryland Renewable Energy Grant credit, a $5000 Baltimore County property tax credit, a $1500 Local Utility Provider credit, and a 26% federal tax credit. Reducing the net investment to $8000 plus an average of $1300 per year on energy savings (estimates based on a 2000 square foot home) really makes the switch to geothermal a no-brainer. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the available tax credits, visit

Supreme Service Today specializes in designing and installing geothermal systems throughout Maryland and is currently installing three to four systems per week. The company is fully licensed, IGSHPA accredited and offers 100% financing with flexible payment terms.

“The other advantages of geothermal systems, other than the obvious financial savings and energy reduction capabilities, is the affordability and long-term value they add to any home,” Kougianos says. “We highly recommend exploring options about making the switch, and are ready to answer any questions you may have.”

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