Bail Bonds Company in Jefferson County Explains How COVID-19 Will Likely Affect the Bail Bonds Industry

Birmingham, Ala. – As the nation continues to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the bail bonds industry is facing a debate regarding the cost and availability of bail bonds for inmates. A Jefferson County bail bonds company is explaining the changes that are likely to occur in the industry due to the pandemic.

Because of the concern that a COVID-19 outbreak will occur among inmates, many awaiting their trial for non-violent crimes are being released on their own recognizance, or without a bond being imposed. This is a major change in the bail bonds industry, as it has led to a ten percent decrease in the number of people in need of a bail bondsman. As many local bail bonds companies are not receiving as much business as they used to, many are struggling to stay in business.

Before the pandemic arose, people had been discussing how unfair and dangerous the jail system is for those from low-income households. What is currently happening amid the pandemic – non-violent individuals being released from prison free of charge as they await their trial – is essentially what many people have wanted for a long time. it is speculated that the practices that the pandemic brought on within the bail bonds industry could become the new standard across the state of Alabama.

Alabama Bail Bonds is a dedicated bail bonding company in Jefferson County that strives to help each client experience the smoothest bail process possible. Though the current pandemic has decreased the demand for bail bondsman services, Alabama Bail Bonds will continue to remain available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, give Alabama Bail Bonds a call today at (205) 317-8388 or visit their website at


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