Backyard Bug Patrol Receives Glowing Review For Their Pest Control Services

Great Falls, VA-based Backyard Bug Patrol is pleased to share that they have received a new customer review for their pest control services. The review in question sheds some light on their approach to customer services as well as how effective their treatments are.

In a 5-Star Google review at, Shauna Shapiro says, “Backyard Bug Patrol is the third and final mosquito service we have used. The organic spray is non toxic for our dogs, smells great and works like a charm. They are always on time, respond to emails and/or phone calls quickly and always let me know they are coming. We are so glad we finally found them and recommend them to everybody we know.”

Backyard Bug Patrol is known for its effective and affordable pest control services. The company also prides itself on providing prompt and outstanding customer service. Their team of pest exterminators goes out of their way to provide the best quality of service there is, which often results in amazing online reviews.

As noted on the company’s website, Backyard Bug Patrol was established as a result of two tragedies. The first incident was when its founding family, the Mitchells, all got Lyme disease in 2010. The second occurred when their Director of Operations, Patrick, got West Nile Virus and almost died. These unfortunate series of events led to the establishment of Backyard Bug Patrol. They were driven by their goal to make sure that such incidents will not happen again so they built a company that provides services specifically tailored to prevent such pests and diseases.

Backyard Bug Patrol offers a selection of services, two of which are their famous Tick and Mosquito Control Services. Ticks and mosquitoes, no matter how small they seem, actually cause grave diseases (such as Lyme disease and West Nile Virus, respectively). Mosquitoes not only feed on humans, but they also feed on plants and can cause great harm to pets as well. At Backyard Bug Patrol, they offer services such as the Flower Power Program, Simply Organic Program, Stink Bug Barrier Program, Tick Tunnels, and Ant Barrier Program.

They also offer Perimeter Rodent Control, a method that protects one’s house from mice and rats. For this pest control service, Backyard Bug Patrol’s technicians place secure, high-quality boxes around the perimeter walls as bait stations for mice and rats. Additionally, the company offers Indoor Green Pest Control. Generally, this service controls and prevents pests from invading and establishing indoor living spaces. They provide treatment of one’s home from pests such as ants, crickets, spiders, fleas, roaches, and silverfish, to name a few.

On the other hand, Backyard Bug Patrol has been uploading informative videos of pest control services on their YouTube channel. Interested parties may look up the videos here:

The company is also pleased to offer their 5 Star Service Program, a carefully designed step-by-step program intended to maintain the high quality of their pest control services. First and foremost, Backyard Bug Patrol will send an email to the customer a day before the scheduled service and a day after it is finished. Next, should the clients acquire outdoor services, they may expect the pest control team to discuss the procedures outside of their (the client’s) house. At Backyard Bug Patrol, they aim to perform all of their pest control services with utmost care and quality.

When it comes to mosquito barrier sprays, Backyard Bug Patrol ensures that only professional and licensed technicians will be the ones to do the job. They will also tip over standing water to eliminate mosquito breeding areas.

In addition, upon completion of the service, Backyard Bug Patrol will leave a card with the licensed technician’s name, time, and date of treatment. They will place a yard sign as well.

Last but not the least, customers who experience pest problems between their regularly scheduled treatments also get free treatment for their yards. This will be done by Backyard Bug Patrol’s technicians within three business days following the inquiry.

Those seeking professional pest control services may visit Backyard Bug Patrol’s website for more details. Customers may also connect with the team through their Facebook Page at to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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