Back To 30 Offers $100 Gift Certificate For 1st Visit

SC-based Back to 30 is delighted to announce that visitors who stop by their premises for the first time are currently eligible for a $100 gift certificate. The certificate grants the holder a $100 discount on any procedure they may be interested in undergoing. This promotion makes it a lot easier for new clients to try out the clinic’s cosmetic treatments without being overly concerned about the cost of their investment. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments and caters to an even wider variety of people.

“At Back to 30, we combine intensive training and years of experience with innovative technology,” says the cosmetic specialist. “This distinction has earned us a multitude of positive reviews and prestigious recognitions in the skin care industry. At our medical spas in Upstate South Carolina, serving Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Simpsonville and Boiling Springs, our team of physicians and skin care professionals can help you choose a non-surgical body contouring or facial rejuvenation treatment that helps you look and feel your best. We also know that true beauty starts on the inside, so we offer services to help you achieve optimal whole-body health.”

Back to 30

One of the areas in which the clinic specializes in is skin care. Back to 30 offers a number of advanced take home treatments, for instance, and new customers will be pleased to learn that all the products and treatments the clinic uses are cruelty-free, vegan friendly and free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates. The clinic’s products help Back to 30’s clients fight off some of the signs of aging using natural botanicals. Their products can also improve one’s complexion and improve the appearance of pores. The clinic offers include Hello Clean, Hello Hydration, Hello Retinol and Hello Bright Eyes and so on. They work together to help users achieve smooth, glowing skin.

Back to 30’s goal is to help clients regain their youth through cosmetic treatments. One of the most common ways of doing this — and one of the areas in which the clinic specializes in — is Botox. The clinic offers fast, effective Botox treatments. Each session lasts about 10 minutes, which makes it easy for those with even the busiest schedules to fit in a session whenever they need to. In addition to taking up a very small amount of time, Botox treatments allow one to return to all non-strenuous activities right away. One can also see results within a few days of receiving treatment, with the full effects being visible within two weeks. A number of patients have left testimonials which attest to the great results Back to 30’s Botox treatments are known to produce. Some of these testimonials can be found on the clinic’s GMB Listing.

The clinic also uses Microneedling to give patients younger, more refreshed and healthy skin. Using advanced equipment, the clinic can target thin lines, scars and other blemishes on the face and body. The procedure is non-invasive and works to stimulate the skin’s natural healing ability in order to improve the appearance and texture of skin. The procedure has been known to take years off one’s face, and many of the clinic’s patients have spoken about how much more confident they feel after receiving treatment.

Lisa Campbell, for instance, has much praise to heap on her experience with the clinic. She says, “As soon as I heard Back to 30 was opening up, I booked a Botox appointment immediately. My usual clinic is still closed due to the lockdown, but Back to 30 feels like home away from home for my skin. I might even start going here instead. Ladies who are in dire need of Botox maintenance, go to them — you won’t regret it!”

Another patient, Lenora Rudd, shares insight about her laser hair removal treatment, explaining that she has, “Honestly been super scared of laser hair removal, but I finally tried it today. After reading the reviews, I decided to go with Back to 30, and they did not disappoint! The experience was a lot more comfortable than I expected. No swelling or bruising whatsoever.”

For more information, visit the clinic’s Facebook page. Back to 30 would be more than happy to help clients get the cosmetic treatments they need to feel and look their best, and one can get in touch through their website, phone and social media channels.


For more information about Back to 30, contact the company here:

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