Avalon Home Performance Offers Spray Foam Insulation In Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ based Avalon Home Performance is pleased to announce that they are offering spray foam insulation Mesa AZ 85205. Those interested are welcome to contact the company today to learn more.

Spray foam insulation refers to the deployment of foam cores (filled with foam) in order to resist moisture penetration and provide insulation. It provides an airtight seal while also adding structural strength to buildings and providing a great R-value. The R-value is a unit of measurement used to gauge how effective insulation is at resisting the flow of heat. Having a high R-value means that an insulation product is effective. There are two main types of foam used in spray foam insulation: loose-fill and dry foam. The type of foam used varies from situation to situation. The team at Avalon Home Performance is able to determine which of these two foams is best suited for their customers’ environment.

Spray Foam Insulation

Using spray foam insulation helps people save money on energy by lowering heating and cooling costs. This is due to the fact that insulation reduces heat transfer through various home surfaces, such as ceilings and walls. This means that less heat will escape during cold seasons and less heat will enter during hot seasons. When this happens, homeowners will not have to use their HVAC systems units too much to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. Learn more here: Spray Foam Insulation Mesa.

In addition to spray foam insulation, Avalon Home Performance also provides sunscreens and exterior painting services. More information about their services can be found on their website.

Kevin A. says in a 5-Star Google review, “We can’t say enough about how awesome Gil And his company are. We initially started with solar shades on the front of our house. They turned out awesome. We then decided to get the remainder of the windows screens down to help with keeping those rooms cooler. Once again, they did an amazing job. While Gil was here, he gave us a quote on insulation. We have an older house, so it was likely needed. We have had issues with AC units and with the house staying cool off and on for years. Things have been getting worse so once Gil took a look, he found that we had major AC duct leakage and an old swamp cooler duct that was spilling half of the AC air into the attic space. Within two days of finding this, he and his crew came out and repaired all the issues and added insulation. The house was noticeably cooler within a couple of hours. We can not thank Gil enough for his honesty and great work.”

Tim H. says in a 5-Star review, “Gil was very easy to work with, I had bought solar shades for three windows last year. When it was time to get additional solar shades, I went back to Avalon. I bought solars for the rest of the windows. Gil and his team were very pleasant and professional to work with. The shades look great, and it matches with the color of my home to meet HOA requirements. Thanks, Gil.”

Avalon Home Performance is a locally based business dedicated to providing the residents of Mesa and surrounding areas with high quality insulation, sun screens and exterior painting services. Avalon Home Performance operates on three main principles — transparency, expertise and reliability. They strive to maintain excellent communication with their customers while they carry out their work. Avalon Home Performance also has the skills, experience and knowledge needed to execute their jobs properly the first time around.

Customers will be pleased to learn that the company has every project double checked by supervisors if needed in order to ensure that they have done a good job. In addition, the company does not collect payments without being sure that their work has reached their high standards. Avalon Home Performance also provides their excellent services at great prices that will not break their customers’ bank accounts.

Those in need of home insulation in Mesa may check out Avalon Home Performance’s website for more details. Learn more here: Home Insulation Mesa.


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