Automotive Podcast Ranked Among Apple Podcasts’ Best Wraps Up First Season

The Carpreneur Podcast, based in Bethlehem, PA and ranked in the Apple Podcast Top 20 Automotive podcast list, is pleased to announce that it has wrapped up its first season. The Carpreneur Podcast is dedicated to providing car enthusiasts and entrepreneurs access to world-class automotive entrepreneurs.

David K. Whitlock, the titular Carpreneur and host of the podcast, says, “Twenty five episodes and some 10+ hours of content later, I am pleased to say that Season 1 of The Carpreneur Podcast has come to an end. It has been a fantastic experience for me, a highlight of my life, and I know our fans feel the same way. In our first season, I’ve had the chance to cover so many different topics that relate to starting a business in the automotive industry and had the pleasure of sitting down with some amazing people, including but not limited to Doug DeMuro, Ed Bolian, John Temerian and Pete Stout.”

Whitlock says, “Season 1 has been fantastic, but The Carpreneur Podcast can only go up now, and I have to say, the future is very exciting. When I published the first official episode of the podcast — featuring Tal Riesenfeld, a fantastic entrepreneur who co-founded and leads Sales for Sunbit — back in July, I did not expect that it would get as much popularity as it has. But since that time, The Carpreneur Podcast has grown so much, more than I could have ever dreamed of. When we return with Season 2, you can rest assured that we will do all we can to keep the success going.”

The Carpreneur Podcast is aimed at people who love cars and dream about owning their own automotive empire someday but are struggling with how to get started or even how to just come up with a business idea. Across the 25 episodes of the podcast, Whitlock sits down with and talks to some of the best in the automotive business and discusses a variety of topics. The Carpreneur podcast is fast-paced and bite-sized by design — an episode usually runs somewhere between 20 to 25 minutes — to allow for everyone to quickly and easily fit an episode in their schedule.

The podcast is filled with amazing advice to help listeners work on their ideas and get them off the ground. Whitlock says, “If you want to start that business you’ve been dreaming about, you definitely will find a lot of useful information in The Carpreneur Podcast. Check us out, get inspired, take action and live the Carpreneur lifestyle. I promise you will not be disappointed.”

The podcast’s popularity isn’t exaggerated either. On Apple Podcasts, The Carpreneur Podcast has an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 Stars. In a recent 5-Star review, Wolf Works writes, “Mr. Whitlock is worth your time. I’ve known Dave for the better part of a decade and can honestly say the guy puts in the work. Between his high IQ and EQ, he’s developed a very respectable network of people in the car industry, which makes this podcast the perfect outlet for all of us to benefit from. He’s a natural on the mic, and the 20 minute interviews are the perfect size! Continued success!”

In another 5-Sfive star review, a user going by SBWard8149, says, “Honestly, I subbed to this podcast because of a giveaway, but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually took the time to sit down and listen to it. I’m not in the auto industry by any means, but that doesn’t mean that the great information Carpreneur has had in their podcasts isn’t useful. They (and their guests) teach you about taking the leap, taking risks, betting on yourself and even how to transition into wealthier times. I found a lot of the information useful no matter what industry.”

Those who want to listen to The Carpreneur Podcast or simply want to learn more about the podcast can visit its website to get started. Fans can also find the car podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify and other popular podcast platforms. David K. Whitlock encourages interested parties to get in touch with him directly via email or phone as well, and he maintains a presence on Facebook where he posts new episodes of the podcast, shares media and communicates with subscribers and other interested parties.


For more information about The Carpreneur Podcast, contact the company here:

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