Auto Glass Shop Offers Door Glass Replacement in the Ahwatukee Phoenix Area

Auto Glass Shop is pleased to announce that they are offering windshield and door glass replacement services in the Ahwatukee Phoenix Area, Arizona. They offer mobile auto glass replacement, repair and window tinting at the client’s home or office with all insurance approved. In addition, they can provide windshield calibration after a new auto glass installation to ensure that the car’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is returned to its original OEM specifications.

Paul from Auto Glass Shop says, “It is advisable to do some research on the auto glass company before you start doing business with them. Look online for reviews of the companies you are considering to ensure quality of service. A windshield replacement is a costly investment and the auto glass has a significant contribution to your safety and that of your family, including other drivers on the road.”

Windshield Replacement Ahwatukee

He continues, “The auto glass replacement process needs to be entrusted to a professional and expert with a high level of honesty and access to the most current technologies and a solid warranty.”

Windshields are an important part of the vehicle because the windshield is the first line of defense in case of an accident, whether it is a head-on collision or a rollover. During a roll-over, the windshield serves as a structural component that reinforces the roof of the car and prevents it from collapsing on the people inside the vehicle. And during a head-on collision, the windshield acts as a foundation for the airbags. If the windshield has not been correctly installed, it may not have sufficient strength to handle the airbags, which could greatly affect the protection afforded by the latter.

Auto glass installation in the factory is the most preferred but for aftermarket windshield replacement, the Ahwatukee auto glass company can offer the best that can be done outside the factory. First of all, they will remove the old windshield properly. After removing the old molding and auto glass, the old urethane adhesive is removed, leaving 1/16” in the original urethane bed. They will then set up the channel region to prevent oxidation formation that may weaken the connection of the windshield to the vehicle. And after the new windshield has been installed, there should be enough time for the glue to cure, which may range from one to 24 hours, depending on the adhesive that was used.

Windshield replacement is convenient because the technicians can come to the client’s property or workplace to work on the car. However, it is essential to remember that the windshield adhesive should be provided with enough curing time. It is not advisable to use the vehicle while the specified curing time for the particular adhesive has not yet been completed, or else the windshield may not have the proper strength to protect the people inside the vehicle.

Paul advises vehicle owners, however, that before they decide to go for a windshield replacement, they may want to first consider if windshield repair is possible since this would be more affordable. This may be true if there are only minor breaks, chips, breaks, or cracks. On the other hand, there are certain situations when only a complete windshield replacement is acceptable. Examples include when the damage has affected the inner layers of the auto glass, the damage is located such that it is in the driver’s line of sight, the damage is such that there are impurities that can’t be removed, breaks with holes bigger than three eighths of an inch, cracks that are longer than three inches, cracks with three long legs or more, cracks that have several intersecting tips, anxiety cracks, and cracks that fill more than one edge of the windshield.

When in need of services for repair or replacement of auto glass Ahwatukee vehicle owners may want to check out the Auto Glass Shop website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from Monday to Sunday or every day of the week, from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.


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