Australians Encouraged To Use Sun Protection And Get Pop Up Beach Tents

Australia-based sport and recreation company For Sun Play is reaching out to remind their sun-loving communities to use protection when they visit the beach or sunbathe this summer. With lockdowns easing and a country’s worth of people eager to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, the company recommends that everyone take a moment to get the right sun protection for their excursions.

For ease of reference, the company encourages Australians to look up their recently published blog posts on sun protection and what SPF a beach-goer will need. The blog post in question (Does a higher SPF mean better protection? Summer's almost here…) says, “Summer is almost here, and while we should be thinking about sun protection all year around, the onset of the warmer season means sun protection is going to be front and centre of our summer events. But how much do we really know about UPF/SPF ratings? What does UPF/SPF mean? Does a higher UPF/SPF mean better protection?”

According to For Sun Play, SPF and UPF stand for Sun Protection Factor and Ultraviolet Protection Factor, respectively. While they are both standards used to measure the level of sunburn protection a product bestows on its user, there are some key differences that shoppers should know about since it affects what sort of products they may eventually purchase. SPF, which many will already be familiar with as it has been on labels across the world for several years, is used to measure the effectiveness of sunscreens. UPF, however, is a relatively new system of measurement that was created for a very different type of protection: fabrics. The blog post gives the example of beach tents, which utilise sun protective fabrics (the effectiveness of which are measured in UPF). For Sun Play’s customers will be pleased to learn that the company’s beach tents have a UPF 50+ rating.

“Everyone is eager to get some sun on their skin,” notes For Sun Play, “but this is no excuse to neglect taking care of your skin. We also understand that several people may believe that they need more sun today because they just came out of lockdown. While there is some truth to this, they should also know that the sun can still damage their skin if they don’t take the proper precautions. We urge our community to remember that they still need to approach sunbathing and similar activities in moderation in order to enjoy its benefits without running the risk of overexposure.”

Through their blog, the company states that an SPF or UPF of at least 30 is recommended, with higher variants needed if the user intends to go outdoors. They add, “And remember, no matter how high the SPF (being an applicator cream) the Australian Government's primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety (APANSA) recommends reapplying sunscreen every two hours for optimal protection.”

Certain people, however, will require a greater degree of protection due to increased sensitivity or medical conditions. Those who have fair skin, a history of skin cancer (or a higher risk of skin cancer) should use an SPF of at least 50, for instance. They should also remember not to take this protection for granted as their application process may determine how well the product works. In the event they notice their skin seems to be having a poor reaction to the sun, the company recommends heading indoors for some time — and either using more product or a higher SPF when they next go out.

The company adds, “When choosing a sunscreen, make sure that you’re choosing a product that has been tested for broad-spectrum protection (protects from both UVA and UVB). That way, you’ll be protected not only from the immediate effects of sun damage (sunburn) but also from long-term damage that shows up as wrinkles, sunspots and worse–skin cancer.”

The full post offers more insight on both protection standards and what type of rays they offer protection from. For Sun Play also offers a variety of products designed exclusively for those who like to spend their time at the beach — and who will be heading out for this exact purpose this summer. For more details, those interested are welcome to contact For Sun Play Australia’s representatives or visit their website The company can also be reached through Facebook.


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