Austin TX Painters And Tex Painting Are Offering Residential And Commercial Painting Services In Austin, TX

Tex Painting, a residential and commercial painting services company in Austin, TX, is now offering exterior painting services.

Every home in Texas has to be well maintained enough to brave the searing summer sun. With temperatures reaching the sweltering high 90s in the summer, a property that is not properly kept up can erode significantly on the outside. This can lead to chipping paint and fading colors. Such degradation can significantly affect the aesthetic of a home. Homeowners who are looking to capitalize on their investment need to be extra careful as an unmaintained home can fetch a much lower price on the real estate market than it would be ideally worth. The only way to prevent the harsh effects of sun exposure is to have regular maintenance at the hands of a professional and well-equipped painting services company.

Tex Painting is an experienced painting services company that provides interior and exterior painting services to both residential and commercial clients in Austin, TX. The company provides both on-site and remote estimates to accommodate homeowners reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. They handle all kinds of painting projects. No project is too big or too small for them to take on. They can spruce up a home’s hallways, closets, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, decks, and even take on larger tasks like redoing the whole exterior.

The company’s new exterior painting services follow a structured method that guarantees that every job is completed to the highest quality and to the customer’s satisfaction. It begins with an on-site project evaluation where the company’s experienced technicians will survey the home or commercial property for the job’s requirements. They will go over every inch of the property to ensure all of the client’s specific demands are met. This will be followed by all the necessary preparations such as acquiring the painting materials, demarcating the areas that need to be painted, and drafting a schedule to make it happen. Readers can find examples of the company’s past work on the Tex Painting Facebook Page.

Before starting the actual job, the home will be washed thoroughly to remove any dirt, dust, and grime from the surfaces that are about to be painted. This prep is extremely necessary as it will ensure the paint adheres to the surface properly and the client gets the most out of their painting job. The company will even fix any holes or cracks in the surfaces and caulk any necessary areas that may pose a challenge later on. This step also guarantees that there are no gaps in the exterior where moisture can penetrate. If there are any rotted or damaged boards in the property’s exteriors, the company has the expertise to fix them too, upon client request.

The full list of prep work includes covering and protecting the shrubbery and flowerbeds, protecting windows and other exterior home features, preparing siding, corner boards, and trim-work, scraping areas of failing paint, prepping bare wood, new wood, and rusted areas with a coat of primer, applying caulking to seal joints and preserving the wood, and power washing exterior surfaces to be painted.

The company will set up any lifts, scaffolds, or ladders needed to reach the higher areas of the home or property. They will use the wide array of painting tools at their disposal including spraying, brushing, and rolling application methods to achieve the perfect finish on each and every surface of the home. They will select the paint with the proper sheen whether it be flat, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, or gloss to achieve the perfect look that the home or property owner is aiming for.

Tex Painting also provides other exterior home maintenance and painting services such as pressure washing, deck, and fence staining, carpentry, brick painting, stucco painting, vinyl, and aluminum siding, and more depending on their clients’ needs.

Tex Painting can be contacted at the phone number (512) 298-2050. They are open all days of the week from 7 AM to 7 PM. There is also a contact form on the website to get a free estimate. Readers can head over to its Google My Business listing or the Tex Painting Angie's List page to read reviews of its services left by satisfied clients.


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