Austin Tenant Advisors Gets 5 Star Review from Client They Helped Find Office Space for Rent in Austin TX

Austin Tenant Advisors is proud to announce that they have recently received a five-star review from a client they helped find office space for rent in Austin TX. This review was from Viktoria A. whose company had decided to transfer to Austin. The services offered by Austin Tenant Advisors provide a number of benefits, which have all been experienced by Viktoria. These include the advantage of being able to save a lot of time in searching for available office for rent, the ability to find the best spaces, avoidance of costly mistakes, the benefit of getting the best deal, and getting the service for free.

In her five-star review, Viktoria A. said, “We decided to move our company to Austin recently and needed to find office space for rent. Austin Tenant Advisors made the process of finding office space so much easier than if we had done this on our own. Not only did they find us a great location & help us negotiate 5 months of free rent they also helped connect us with contractors, office furniture vendors, phone and data cabling vendors, etc. Leasing office space on our own would have taken so much time away from our business since we are not familiar with the Austin TX market. Also, what is great about their service is that it didn't cost us a dime since landlords pay the office lease commissions.”

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This Austin office space rental agency specializes in providing help to commercial tenants who are looking for the best office spaces for lease within a particular ideal area, budget, size, and timing. They also provide assistance to clients in understanding their present and future needs in terms of office space so that they would be able to choose the best locations, and negotiate the lowest possible least rates and get the best terms possible.

Austin Tenant Advisors has access to a complete database of available office spaces in the city and they know every landlord, agent, and owner in the city, which means that they know what is available at the present time, including what will be available in the future. What also provides them with another advantage is their more than 14 years of experience in negotiating new office space leases, expansions and renewals, and buying office condos for sale.

They have also profiled the various areas in Austin to help clients in deciding where to lease office space in the city, depending on their needs. Choosing the best place is usually a difficult decision as this requires consideration of several factors, such as monthly cost, the needs of employees, amenities, commute times, and more. The various areas to choose from are Downtown Austin, which is the central business district; Central Austin, which has office spaces near the University of Texas; North Austin, which has many class A offices and retail and walkable amenities; Northeast Austin, which is one of two areas with the most affordable rental rates per square feet; South Austin, Southeast Austin, which is the other area with the cheapest rental rates; and Southwest Austin, where many Fortune 500 companies are located.

It should be noted that Austin is the fourth biggest city in Texas and 11th biggest in the whole country. It has a population estimated to be around 950,715 with the average age being 31. The average income of the residents in Austin is $33,000, while the median home price is $407,000. The unemployment rate for the city is presently at 2.7 percent, which is lower compared to the US unemployment rate of 3.9 percent. It is considered to be one of the best places in the US to live and work, and is number 4 in early stage funding deals, number 3 in population growth, and number 27 in business creation.

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