Austin Solar Companies Bring Homeowners Closer To Energy Independence

Austin, Texas -

TX based Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. is reaching out to homeowners who wish to take their properties off the grid and end their reliance on public utility providers. The company, like many others, has realized that solar-powered homes will be a vital part of the future, and they look forward to sharing this future with their community.

A Cool Roofs solar installation is an investment that the company is encouraging everyone to make, particularly given the vast array of benefits it offers. While solar technology was once deemed too expensive and cumbersome to be a practical feature of the American household, the company attests that the industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, bringing the dream of a totally solar-powered home within reach of smaller budgets. As a result, it has been Cool Roof’s distinct pleasure to become accustomed with this technology so that they can be a part of building a solar future.


One concern the company is keen to address is the idea that solar panels cannot provide enough power for an entire home. While it is true that sunny days are ideal, smart technology paired with efficient energy storage solutions can mean that a home will still remain powered during heavy cloud cover and so on. In fact, this is how a home can continue using electricity at night when solar panels are non-functional. Cool Roofs Inc. adds that homeowners can let their team know how much capacity they wish to have at their fingertips during the initial inspection. Absent any constraints due to available space, safety limits, budget and so on, the contractor will be pleased to implement a solution that suits the property’s needs as closely as possible.

“Working with Cool Roofs Inc. gives you access to an accomplished roofing contractor, not just a solar expert,” the company points out. “In certain cases, the slope or style of the roof may not be suitable for a solar installation. However, our customers have the benefit of our roofing expertise as well, so we can both design and apply whatever changes are needed to bring their wishes to life. This is ultimately more affordable since we can do everything in-house as well. There is no need to coordinate between multiple contractors who may each charge you a premium.” Learn more here: Cool Roofs Residential Roofing.

The company adds, “Many factors need to be taken into account to determine whether your investment will be worth it, but we can help ensure you make the most informed decisions at every turn. Our team is committed to giving you every opportunity to get your home solar-capable in time to soak in the summer rays.”

Notably, homeowners need not worry about their solar solution failing during adverse weather events. Cool Roofs Inc. understands the needs of the Texas home, and this has led the company to work exclusively with partners that manufacture the most high-quality solar panel products on the market. These products boast an unparalleled standard of craftsmanship, quality and durability, so homes will not be at risk of losing power simply due to exposure to the elements. Many products even exceed what is considered the industry standard for durability, giving homeowners peace of mind that they will not be left without power.

Furthermore, Cool Roofs Inc. has built a team of experienced solar panel technicians who strictly abide by industry standards during each installation. The company is extremely proud of the work they do, and they are always eager to show customers why they were right to choose Cool Roofs Inc. for all their solar panel or roofing needs. For instance, Chelsea G. shares in one highly positive Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs customer testimonial that they are a, “Great company to work with. Extremely professional and timely. Was able to answer any questions I had! Highly recommended!”

The company invites their community to get in touch with Hudson Whitten of Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. if they have any other questions about solar panel installations in Texas. Cool Roofs Inc. also provides free estimates and repairs in all their services, and customers are welcome to take advantage of these generous policies at their convenience.


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