Austin Detox Center Helps Patients Recover From Substance Abuse And Addiction

Austin, TX based Outpatient Rehab Austin is pleased to announce that they are offering rehabilitation programs and assistance for individuals who wish to recover from substance abuse and addiction.

Drug abuse and addiction are extremely devastating to a person’s life. It can destroy any future prospects of happiness and comfort that they hope to achieve. Those suffering from drug abuse may feel like there is nothing they can do to save themselves from their situation, and this feeling of helplessness can even extend to loved ones who have to painfully witness them struggle with drug abuse and addiction. Fortunately, all is not lost. There are excellent addiction treatment centers which can help an individual suffering from drug abuse get back on track.

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These addiction treatment centers are dedicated to helping people in this situation reach a long-lasting and stable recovery and take control of their life once again. They help patients overcome every complication they experience as a result of drug abuse and understand how difficult the process of healing can be. This allows them to understand their patients’ issues and provide inspiration wherever possible, thereby serving to rekindle their hope and guide them to a healthy, stable and better future.

As many patients have already come to learn, Outpatient Rehab Austin is one such addiction treatment center that boasts these characteristics. To reach their goals effectively, they have assembled a recovery staff made up of skilled, kind and compassionate members who treat all patients with utmost dignity and respect.

One of the programs offered at Outpatient Rehab Austin is an intensive outpatient rehab program. Outpatient Rehab Austin knows how difficult it is for their patients to suddenly change their daily routines — it is one of the most common reasons why people choose not to undergo substance use disorder treatment. To circumvent this, Outpatient Rehab Austin utilizes evidence-based treatment models that are designed to treat their patients while keeping them in a family-style environment. This means that patients will not have to disturb their routines. The result is a program that takes a bit more time compared to normal outpatient programs, but is still effective at helping people recover from their substance abuse. This intensive outpatient rehab program is best suited for those who do not have severe addictions and a need for dual diagnosis treatments.

The intensive outpatient rehab program has several benefits. It is affordable, yet effective. It can work around a patient’s schedules and, crucially, lets them stay in touch with friends and family. It is also a private program that lets people hide the fact that they are going through substance abuse treatment if they so wish.

However, not everyone is suited for the intensive outpatient rehab program. Outpatient Rehab Austin evaluates each applicant to ensure that the program they recommend will actually be effective. The foremost aspect that Outpatient Rehab Austin looks for to determine eligibility for the intensive outpatient program is a safe and supportive home. An individual undergoing the intensive outpatient program will need the support of their friends and family so that they will be uplifted and motivated throughout the entire recovery process. There have to be no triggers in the environment that they will be placed in, for instance, so that the patient will not be pushed towards a relapse. Patients are also placed through a drug detox program before beginning the intensive outpatient rehab program.

Outpatient Rehab Austin offers other programs for those who are not suited to the intensive outpatient rehab program. Such programs include a partial hospitalization program, an outpatient treatment program, a vocational development program and so on. More information about these programs can be found on the Outpatient Rehab Austin website.

Outpatient Rehab Austin has received lots of praise thanks to their outstanding care and incredible dedication to their patients’ wellbeing. Tristin Stewart says in a testimonial featured on the Outpatient Rehab Austin website, “Not knowing what my girlfriend and I needed, we called their helpline and found the answers quickly. Straight and to the point but with caring, compassionate staff who allowed us to heal as a couple.”

Hannah Davis says in another featured testimonial, “After struggling to find a place that would accept my girlfriend and me, we finally came across these amazing people at Outpatient Rehab Austin. Every step of the intake was simple and not uncomfortable. We finished strong together because of their attention to our issues as a couple and as individuals.”

Those looking for a substance abuse treatment center in the greater Texas area are welcome to visit Outpatient Rehab Austin’s website for more details. They may also contact Kevin Leonard of Outpatient Rehab Austin to follow up on any further inquiries.


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