Attorney Purav Bhatt Now Providing Criminal Sexual Assault Lawyer Services

There are serious cases that can lead to serious jail time. When faced with such charges, working with professional attorneys will help through the case. The law office of Purav Bhatt is now providing professional Chicago criminal Sexual assault attorney services.

According to the law office, "From the moment a person is accused of criminal sexual assault or criminal sexual abuse they must be incredibly careful and seek proper representation. The desire to profess one’s innocence to the police can be used against you as an admission helping the prosecution. That is why having smart, aggressive, and talented representation can mean the difference between being charged and going home without a sex crime accusation being brought against you. Many of attorney Purav Bhatt’s clients that have been accused of sex crimes have been released after working with detectives to fully understand the situation and challenging false assumptions made by the police. The Law Office of Purav Bhatt has been representing clients charged with sex offenses for over a decade. Sometimes, allegations and accusations of sexual assault are false and are brought as leverage during pending divorces, are inferred by school officials based on vague accounts by angry children, or carried further than necessary by authorities who do not want to be responsible for denying a potential victim’s accusations no matter how frivolous or weak. In some cases, victims of sexual offenses are handicapped or mentally ill."

The law office has provided their services for years, "Attorney Purav Bhatt has represented defendants accused of sex crimes including teachers, family members, cab drivers, neighbors or other individuals who have been falsely accused. When it comes to sex crimes, district attorneys, detectives and law enforcement often believe victims without ever hearing from the accused. How you present your side of the story is vital and could affect you for the rest of your life. Having an experienced sex crimes attorney on your side is vitally important. Attorney Purav Bhatt has restored the reputation of his clients after being charged with sex crimes.Sex offenses can be charged in either federal court or state court. The consequences, processes and procedures in either forum vary greatly and having a knowledgeable guide and counsel through the process could mean the difference between freedom and prison."

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