Attorney David S. Leigh Discusses the Role of a Civil Rights Lawyer

New York City, NY - Civil rights have commanded a great deal of media attention recently, primarily due to the rash of violence around the country targeting Black and Asian Americans. Civil rights attorneys have been busy ensuring that all Americans are protected under the Constitution, regardless of their skin color, religion, gender, or nationality. New York civil rights lawyer David S. Leigh is passionate about his role in the protection of the rights of all Americans and takes that role seriously.

“I work diligently on behalf of my clients who may have found that their voice has been diminished. My role is to protect the liberties granted by our Constitution for all people, not just those who happen to be a certain color, or gender, or nationality. Freedom of speech, freedom from discrimination, freedom from unlawful actions by police or government -- these aren’t just freedoms that are afforded to some of us but all of us,” Mr. Leigh explained.

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As a former prosecutor, David S. Leigh, Esq. has seen both sides of the criminal justice system and has witnessed how the system seems to work for some while not so much for others. Witnessing this inequity in civil rights propelled his interest in this area of the law in order to make a difference in the lives of people who feel less represented in the country.

“An infringement on someone’s civil rights is not only personal and hurtful, but it is unlawful. Those who suffer civil rights violations are left feeling small and insignificant and deserve someone who can advocate on their behalf. If you have suffered a civil rights violation, I am here to give you a voice and represent your rights. As civil rights attorneys, our job, first and foremost, is to protect all citizens from discrimination and ensure the equality of all,” continued Mr. Leigh. “Especially at this critical time in our history, when we should have been so much further than we are, I am even more committed to equal justice for all.”

People have only to watch our local and national media to see that civil rights are still being violated and fought for in our nation today. Injuries caused by civil rights violations were some of the most frequently filed injury claims in New York City in 2019, and federal civil rights claims have increased exponentially. Unfortunately, many are still fighting for the rights legally afforded to them by the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Whenever there is a difference in the way the rules are applied, a skilled civil rights lawyer’s job is to make those parties accountable and hold them to the rule of law, particularly as they concern basic human rights. Mr. Leigh’s record as a champion of civil rights for all makes him a force in the legal landscape.

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