Attendance at the Dallas Zoo Starting to Rebound After a Rough 2020

A recent news article indicates that the Dallas Zoo has turned the corner nicely after a dismal year in 2020. Attendance was way off in 2020 from previous years and much of that was attributed to the ongoing pandemic. This was a huge disappointment for the zoo operators after all of their efforts to improve the zoo because in 2016-2019 they had been generating record crowds. Good news, however, arrived from the zoo as they announced on January 18, 2021, that tickets for that day had sold out. This is a trend that has continued as the Dallas Zoo has reported selling out their daily ticket allotment several more times since that date.

The downturn in attendance first started in May of last year as the virus spread in the Dallas area began gaining momentum. The zoo, erring on the side of caution with a virtually unknown virus, was even shut down to the public for a time. The Dallas Zoo did eventually reopen with strict Covid-19 protocols in place, such as restrictions on the number of people that were allowed to enter the zoo and that tickets now had to be purchased online in advance. According to an article by NBC 5 DFW from August 14, 2020, due to declining attendance and a bleak outlook, the zoo was even forced to lay off 25% of its employees. That amounted to some 100 employees at least temporarily losing their jobs. Sad news for what just a short time ago was one of the most visited attractions in the Dallas area.

It was another article published by NBC 5 DFW on January 18th of this year that signified a change was taking place at the Dallas Zoo attendance-wise. They were one of the first to pick up on a tweet from zoo officials that they had sold out their ticket allotment for the day. The tweet that Dallas Zoo officials put out on the 18th read, “Heads up! We are completely sold out for both members and general admission tickets today.” It was a great sign for the recently refurbished 106-acre zoo that is located in Marsalis Park, 3 miles south of downtown Dallas. This was also a morale boost for the zoo operators as the general public began flocking back to the zoo to see its 2000 animals that represent over 400 unique species.

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