Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Provides Assistance To Atlanta Victims

The Brown Firm, a law practice based in Atlanta, Georgia, is pleased to inform the community that they provide one-on-one consultations to survivors of truck accidents. The truck accident attorney recently expanded their legal services to Savannah, Athens, Okatie, and other cities throughout the state as well.

As noted on their website, The Brown Firm is conscious of the catastrophes caused by vehicle collisions not just in Georgia but also across the US. In fact, Medical News Today's annual statistics reveal that such accidents are, in large part, to blame for an alarming number of health complications in the country. Specifically, there are approximately 40,000 casualties and at least 3 million injuries per year due to road accidents.

The Brown Firm strongly believes that survivors of car accidents should file personal injury lawsuits against those who have caused them harm. Also, they should demand fair compensation for their injuries. They are entitled to ask for a suitably large settlement so that they can cover their medical bills and eventually recover.

The bad news, however, is that victims often prefer to keep silent and take no action since they do not know their right to redress. Thus, The Brown Firm promises to help Atlantans achieve justice and get the compensation they need to recover from their injuries. Learn more here: Lawyer After Semi-truck Accident.

The first thing to do is to identify who is liable for the accident. It is essential to know if the driver is working for a company or is self-employed. For the former, clients will have a harder time assigning the blame since the attorneys of their company may represent the driver as part of their labor rights. Managing the latter case, on the other hand, can be an easier task since it is 100% their fault (and they have to defend themselves without assistance).

Another major factor to consider is the carelessness of the truck driver. Usually, they can be found neglectful due to overspeeding, not being alert, or being drunk. Also, if they are genuinely at fault, then they will have to pay not just for those they injured but also their employer's wrecked property. Aside from that, the victims may take note of any irregularities in the truck's engine and loaded cargo.

Next, The Brown Firm advises its clients to begin gathering evidence that the truck crash happened immediately. The lawyers from the firm may coordinate with them in this vital task, upon request. They should replay the scene in closed-circuit television (CCTV) to see if any telltale marks are present, and these marks should be photographed. In addition, they need to ask a third-party, such as the police, to conduct their own investigation in order to corroborate the proof they gathered.

It is also important to hire a professional personal injury attorney such as the ones at The Brown Firm. Personal injury lawyers are essential in calculating the total cost of the damage done to the vehicle, for instance, and they are capable of estimating the true extent of any medical bills in case the client in question has suffered whiplash, fractures, and/or other injuries. It may take up to a year for the incident to be fully resolved since most truck drivers have employers who will likely insist that their workers are innocent, so it is vital to have a hardworking team of lawyers.

Aside from truck accidents, The Brown Firm also caters to those injured in motorcycle and car accidents as well as victims of medical malpractice. They make it a point to regularly remind the public to practice everyday safety habits like wearing seatbelts, following traffic signs on the road, and abstaining from alcohol.

As presented in a glowing interview in The Brown Firm's official website, Annisha Reid says of their services, "When you have a team of attorneys who are working to make sure you get everything you deserve, it is beyond fantastic. I am truly blessed to have had The Brown Firm representing me in my case. I recommend everyone to call them. You won't be disappointed, I promise you that."

Those who require legal assistance for vehicle accidents and other personal injury matters may visit The Brown Firm's official website to learn more about their wide range of legal services. Alternatively, clients may connect with the law firm via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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