Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Posts New Blog on How to Share the Road with Semi-Trucks

Accomplished Atlanta truck accident attorney, The Angell Law Firm, has just posted a new blog on how to share the road with semi-trucks. They wrote this blog with these helpful tips in hopes of being able to help people greatly lessen their chances of being involved in a road mishap with these oversized trucks. It’s a cause that this reputable personal injury law firm feels very strongly about because they often witness firsthand the severity of the accidents that involve semi-trucks.

The firm’s lead attorney, Bryce Angell, says, “We at The Angell Law Firm handle many cases each year for victims or the families of those who have been involved in road incidents with semi-trucks. Unfortunately, many of these accidents involve severe injuries and even death. That’s because ordinary cars hardly have a chance when they get in accidents with sturdily built and heavy semi-tricks. We are dedicated to doing whatever we can to help drivers coexist better on the roads with semi-trucks and minimize the chances of being involved in an accident with them. This is the reason that we took the time to write what we feel is a very important blog article.”

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The blog from this experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer started with some strong facts about accidents involving semi-trucks. The most surprising of these facts is that 80% of the time these accidents were the fault of the passenger vehicle. This included the statistic that in 2017, 4,761 people died in accidents involving these large trucks. These are facts that highlight the need for drivers to learn how to maneuver around large vehicles safely.

As the blog went on, it mentioned that people should always get accustomed to driving defensively even when there are no semi-trucks near them. This includes remaining alert at all times when driving, especially when driving near large trucks. The blog stated that passenger car drivers need to be at their best when driving around semi-trucks because their size and weight make it very hard for them to maneuver and stop quickly to avoid accidents. It was also said in the article that drivers sharing the road with tractor-trailer trucks should practice caution too. This includes doing such things as keeping a safe distance away from semi-trucks to help avoid going under the truck if they stop quickly and to avoid heavy pieces of flying rubber if they have a tire blowout.

In the new blog, it was also mentioned that the sheer size of large trucks creates vision problems for their drivers too. This includes the fact that they have a much bigger blind spot than cars do. Driving in semi-trucks blind spots is something that no vehicle operator wants to do unless it’s during the few seconds that it takes to overtake them or when being overtaken. The article also warned about never being nervous or hesitating when passing a large truck as is the case with some drivers. It encourages car operators to always maintain a steady speed and safe merging distance when overtaking a semi-truck and to ease off the gas a little and cut them some slack after a large truck has passed them.

Some of the last tips that the newly posted blog gave include the importance of not being distracted when driving. This includes not texting or talking on the phone when behind the wheel. It also mentioned that sharing the road around semi-trucks becomes easier when drivers use proper turn signals when passing, turning, or switching lanes. The blog ended by saying that those who have been injured in an accident with a semi-truck should first seek the essential medical treatment that they need and then follow that up by contacting a competent truck accident attorney like those at their firm. It said this is the best way for truck accident victims to help ensure both their physical and financial recovery.

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