Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Explains Different Types of Injury Lawsuits Based on Legal Grounds

The Angell Law Firm in Atlanta, GA, has recently come up with a blog that provides a detailed insight into different types of personal injury lawsuits. Tort law allows a person injured due to negligent conduct to file a lawsuit asking for medical, compensatory, and punitive damages. An aggrieved person has the right to be compensated for being forced into an unforeseen situation by someone else's action or inaction. However, based on how it happened, who is involved, and where the victim was injured, there are several personal injury cases. The post delves into details and highlights how they provide for different legitimate grounds to receive compensation.

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Motor vehicle accidents account for most of the personal injury lawsuits filed in the United States. About 6 million car drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are injured every year due to negligent driving, head-on collisions, rear-ending, or any other traffic rules violation. Many undergo the legal process to receive compensation for personal injuries, medical treatment costs, and property loss due to an injury.

If a medical professional fails to offer services to the best of his ability and the standard of care, a person can file a medical malpractice lawsuit. It also covers their negligent or delayed actions, the failure to diagnose a disease properly, or treatment causing an injury to the patient. It demands different expertise than a car accident lawsuit.

An employer is responsible for ensuring adequate safety at the workplace. If an accident occurs due to non-compliance with the prescribed standards, a person can file a workplace injury lawsuit. Similarly, a manufacturer selling defective products that cause injuries may be held accountable for the victim's pain and suffering. Defamation causes damage to a person's hard-earned reputation. As a result, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed.

The blog explains how a wrongful death lawsuit gives direction to those seeking compensation for a loved one's death. Their death must be due to someone else's carelessness, fault, or failure to act timely. The deceased's family can initiate this type of personal injury lawsuit in the event of death due to medical malpractice, a car collision, workplace accident, or defective products.

A victim of a slip and fall accident can file a premise liability lawsuit. A property owner is liable to keep his premises clear of any hazards. Damages may include wet floors, improper lighting, violation of building codes, floor pattern changes, broken sidewalks, potholes, or any other number of things that can injure visitors. The lawsuit compensates for the injuries suffered due to someone's failure to abide by his property owner's responsibilities. According to the blog post, this type of case also covers restaurants, supermarkets, local grocery stores, clubs, schools, offices, and all kinds of properties used for domestic or commercial purposes.

Mr. Bryce Angell, who heads The Angel Law Firm, is a reputed super personal injury attorney in Atlanta. He sums up the nature of these lawsuits as: "If you have been recently injured due to someone else's negligent choices or willful intent, you likely have a personal injury case on your hands." He also cautions that "no two personal injury cases will ever be the same, and there are always varying factors based on the event and the people involved."

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To drive home his point, the personal injury lawyer cites the examples of workers' compensation lawsuits. Since the law varies from state to state, plaintiffs need to pay attention to potential obstacles and pitfalls, which impact their ability to get compensation. Dog bite lawsuits are another example where the nature of an owner's liability differs from one state to another. While some states have strict liability rules, others have a special provision called the "one bite" rule that makes the prior aggressiveness shown by a dog a deciding factor.

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