Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Advises Victims To Swiftly Seek Professional Counsel

Atlanta, GA based Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. and his firm are reaching out to encourage their community to seek a professional legal consultation as soon as they experience an injury. Having worked with hundreds of clients over multiple locations across Georgia, the firm has long understood that time is of the essence if an injured party wishes to seek compensation. As such, they are always standing by to give clients the benefit of their enormous expertise in the subject as well as their comprehensive legal assistance in procuring a suitable settlement.

One of the biggest reasons the firm is adamant that victims speak to an experienced attorney is that they may not be aware of all of their rights following an injury. This is compounded by the fact that many insurers actively seek to deny a claim wherever possible, and they largely rely on the victim’s ignorance to accomplish this. However, an attorney who is familiar with the industry will be able to advise their clients whether they are due any compensation for their injury — following which they can advocate fiercely on the client’s behalf to obtain said compensation.

An insurance company has an incentive to avoid respecting the injured party’s legal right to compensation since this affects their profit margins. The more claims they acknowledge, the further it cuts into their profits. As a result, personal injury victims should not make the mistake of assuming that the insurer involved (either their own or of the offending party) is willingly on their side. According to the firm, this is evident throughout the insurance industry.

“One of the reasons we ask you to come to us immediately,” explains Nugent, “is that we need to collect every piece of evidence that pertains to the incident in which you were injured. Such evidence can be misplaced or destroyed, and the chances of this increase as time goes on. Once you speak with our team, we can help you figure out what sort of compensation and care you may be due. After that, you can rest assured that we will pursue all evidence on your behalf and do our utmost to ensure that you are suitably compensated to the full extent the law allows.”

Similarly, he advises victims against speaking to anyone else regarding the incident until after they have consulted with their lawyer. Any information they provide may eventually be used to deny their claim, so they need to take great care when speaking with anyone else, including insurance agents, police and so on.

While any competent lawyer can offer such assistance, an injured party may prefer to seek help from Kenneth S. Nugent and his team due to the unique principles that drive every action they take. For one, the firm holds the strong belief that everyone should have access to affordable legal services regardless of their personal circumstances. This is why the firm gives clients a free initial consultation, following which no fees are charged for injury cases until a final settlement or verdict has been reached. As a result, those who would otherwise not be able to afford to pursue a claim can now reach out to Kenneth S. Nugent’s firm for top-tier legal guidance.

Additionally, the firm understands that the vast majority of the public are unfamiliar with the legal system. Nugent and his team make it a point to keep the process as simple as possible for their clients, directing them towards any resources they will need to begin their recovery (whether legal, medical, financial or emotional in nature). Every question on these subjects is answered because the firm believes a truly successful outcome to a case depends as much on their client’s well being as it does on the settlement they receive. The firm also takes care of all insurance documents and court forms.

Kenneth S. Nugent joined the Emory University School of Law in Atlanta in 1977 after receiving his undergraduate degree from the State University of New York, Albany. Upon passing the bar exam, he joined the State Bar of Georgia and launched his firm’s first office in Atlanta. Today, his team serves communities in Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Duluth, Macon, Savannah and Valdosta in Georgia.

The firm is available around the clock to discuss cases with clients (as accidents can happen at any time). Those who need legal assistance or wish to learn how they can seek compensation for their injuries are welcome to contact Tim Derrickson of the Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. firm to get started. More information can be found on their official website and social media platforms as well.


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