Atlanta Music School Announces Guitar Performance Certificate Course

The Atlanta Institute of Music & Media has announced a guitar performance program for students interested in mastering the guitar and who want to make a mark in the music industry. Encouraging potential guitarists to bring their musical talent to life, Duluth-based AIMM asserts that the Guitar Performance Certificate consisting of instrument courses is designed to provide the best education for students to further their music performance abilities. The music school emphasizes that the course is designed to help students gain employment in the field.

Guitar Performance certificate is a 12-month course of ¾ time enrollment. The Atlanta music school enjoys the reputation for offering an array of music courses for foreign and local students to help them excel in the art. Students have the advantage of learning in a fast-paced environment equipped with top-class audio & video equipment to hone their skills, expanding their repertoire, building new professional possibilities, and making rapid progress in the field.

guitar performance certificate

AIMM course promises to build confidence, apart from knowledge and learning, in guitar students to handle more demanding and high-paying jobs.

AIMM alumni have some encouraging words for future music students, stating that the music school in Duluth should be their first choice if they do not want to spend time without touring or gigging. The alumni add that the AIMM earns a place of pride for its condensed concentrated musical education that sets its students apart.

AIMM's Guitar Performance Certificate is designed with a goal to help students unlock their musical talent and creative potential to advance their careers and find employment with better-paying jobs in the field. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Atlanta music school has started the course online for students to learn with complete control over their learning experience. The course can be taken online, on-campus, or hybrid, like other courses offered by AIMM and credits will naturally matriculate to AIMM’s Associate Degrees, should the student decide to continue their music education.

The music school in Duluth assists students with financial constraints to enroll in a work-study program and get a part-time position within the campus. There is an opportunity to work with a placement specialist within the campus during the final quarter of the course to explore job opportunities in the field for students. AIMM provides a top-class campus for guitar students to work with instructors that have conquered the music industry and are willing to share their knowledge in the field.

This is the best course to elevate guitar skill, with the AIMM offering endless opportunities “to master the guitar, meet life-long industry connections, and surround yourself with like-minded guitarists. You can take your first step toward a successful music performance career by applying today and mastering your guitar craft.”

Anybody interested in becoming a guitar graduate at the best music school should fill out the application form on AIMM's website. The Atlanta music school offers a surplus of opportunities for guitar lovers who dream of making it big in the field. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media provides them with the best platform to hone their technical skills.


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